Joe O - Never Doesn't Always Mean Never

joe o

As many of you know, I recently had the extreme honor of speaking onstage in front of thousands of people at the Go Pro event in Las Vegas. Many of you were there, but for those of you who weren’t, I wanted to pass on part of the story that I shared with the 8,000 professional network marketers in attendance there.

My story is unique in some ways, but in many ways it is a common story for people in this business, and it starts the way many of our stories do: I said no to network marketing.

I said no because I had a mistaken impression of what network marketing was, and I thought I was too good for it. When my friend asked me to watch a DVD, I said I would but I didn’t. Then I told him I would never do network marketing.

Well, you all know that didn’t stick. So what changed? A few months later, the mortgage industry crashed. At the time, I was working in title insurance, with my partner Frank Marone, and that crash was a big deal for us.

Someone else came to me with an opportunity, and guess what? It was network marketing. This time, I listened. My situation had changed, and I was willing to be open-minded.

There’s a lesson in that for every single one of you. People you approach about Viridian are going to tell you no, and sometimes that no won’t change. But, for me, no turned to yes and that yes turned into the best decision I’ve ever made. And I was as big of a skeptic as they come before I joined. I just needed someone to bring an opportunity to me at the right time.

And now I’m thrilled to have shared that opportunity with so many other people, whose lives have also changed. I believe that this is not really a network marketing business; it’s a personal development business and a leadership business. How many of you have had an Associate tell you that this business changed their life or saved their marriage? We hear it all the time. As you build a business, you’re building yourself, too. You read books by Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn and you genuinely become a better person.

In this business, the more people you help and the more people you develop, the better off the whole world is going to be. You could even say I’m here for selfish reasons. That’s because I know that the more lives I change, the better life I’ll have. Most of the leaders in my business had never done network marketing. Like me, they may have even been skeptical. But they were smart people who knew how to do business and who quickly figured out how to be successful in THIS business. More importantly, they were my friends and colleagues and they cared about me. When I shared my Why, they listened.

How many of you actually watch TV commercials? The old model of selling products through television advertising is outdated. But if a friend tells you about a great product, you listen, right? This business is about relationships, and it’s about genuine connection with other people.

I am where I am today because I finally listened, and I heard something that resonated with me. I hope that my story resonates with some of you and that your stories will touch others. Get out there, keep learning and growing and building.

I’m just a guy from New Jersey who got busy. If I can do it, you can do it.

Joe Occhiogrosso’s latest book, A Story About “I Will Never Do Network Marketing,” is now available. Read more about Joe and his book at