My Four-Step Peak Performance Success Formula

Here we are again at the beginning of a new year…can you believe it!?

Here’s a key question: What actions are you taking to ensure that 2015 is a breakthrough year for you and your Viridian business—one in which you achieve new heights both personally and professionally?

We’ve probably all heard about the importance of goal setting, and I firmly agree that it is a foundational component to achieving the things we desire most. In fact, I’ve taught goal setting to tens of thousands of people in seminars and trainings for well over 20 years, and while it’s an essential component, the truth is, goal setting is only the first step to success!

Years ago I learned a simple and powerful four-step process for creating massive success in any area of life. I call it the “Peak Performance Success Formula.” By following this simple formula—and sticking with it consistently over time—you’ll be virtually guaranteed to achieve all your goals. Here it is as my gift to you for an amazing 2015:

Step 1: Know Your Outcomes/Set Your Goals—the first/foundational step is to get crystal clear on what we want in the key areas of life, and why those goals are extremely important to us on a very personal level. We’ve got to know what our specific desired goals are in order to have any chance to achieve them. Let’s make sure they are specific and measureable. What are your top three goals for your Viridian business in 2015?

Step 2: Take Massive Action*—this is possibly the most important of the four steps, as not much happens in the way of results until we get busy and take action toward our goals and dreams. This is often the most challenging step as well…because it requires us to get off our butts and actually do something! It’s great to set a goal to get into top physical shape, but then comes the realization that we’ve got to get off the couch, put down the macadamia nut cookies and hit the gym! The more “massively” we take action the more significant our results will be. I often use Tony Robbin’s phrase “massive action is a cure-,” as I’ve found it to be true much more often than not.

Step 3: Measure Your Results—in order to get where we want to go we’ve got to measure our progress along the way. Many people avoid measuring because they fear that they’re not achieving their goals as quickly or at the level they wanted or expected. Don’t be afraid to measure your results! Measuring often is critically important so we can check in and see if we’re on or off track. The more often we measure, the more we’ll ensure we’re on the proper path and the more progress we’ll make toward our goals.

Step 4: Adjust/Correct Your Course and “Go-Until…”—the reality in goal achievement is that it’s often not a straight line to massive success. Most times there will be a need to “course-correct” along the way to our ultimate destination. You may know that a plane that takes off from New York en route to Los Angeles is slightly off course over 90 percent of the time. Thank goodness the plane has pilots and computers that measure its progress throughout the trip and make minor adjustments along the way. We, too, are often going to need to make adjustments along the way to achieving our biggest goals. Sometimes the adjustments will be minor, sometimes major, but the key is to take them all in stride and realize that, like the plane, course-correction is part of a successful journey! We’ve got to be willing to continue to measure, adjust and take action… measure, adjust and take action… measure, adjust and take action… again and again. In other words we must “Go Until” we achieve our desired results! As long as we keep going until—and never quit—we cannot fail!!

When we follow these four simple steps consistently over time, we are virtually guaranteed to (eventually) achieve every goal we commit to!

Best wishes for a monumental 2015—and beyond!!


*Just a quick note here about motivation when it comes to taking action. Most people believe that they’ve got to be mentally and emotionally pumped up and motivated before they can get themselves to take action. While this definitely helps—it’s certainly easier to take action when we’re excited to do so—I’ve also found that often it works in reverse. What I mean is sometime we must push ourselves into action on a specific task first, even when we don’t feel like doing it, and then we feel motivated. Example: Have you ever forced yourself to work out on a day you didn’t feel like doing it? If so, when you pushed yourself into action, didn’t you start feeling more “into it” as you got further into the workout? Weren’t you more motivated and inspired after the workout than you were before you began? We’ve probably all experienced something similar in one area or another. So don’t get caught up waiting to be motivated in order to take action. Sometimes we simply have to push ourselves to take action first—and the inspiration and motivation will follow!