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Michael Ayers - Building Across State Lines

mike a

The best way to build your Viridian business is to reach out to your warm market – but who exactly does that include? People you see regularly — your mailman, neighbors, coworkers or family – form the foundation of most of our warm markets. But this group can also include people who are hundreds of miles away from you.

Take Florida resident Michael Ayers, for example. His team grew exponentially just a week after PowerUP! and he is continuing to build in states like Texas, North Carolina, Nevada, Washington and California – despite living in a market where Viridian does not yet offer service.

“I had so many sleepless nights trying to figure out how I was going to excel in this business while being far away from my warm market,” Michael explains. So this former member of the U.S. Navy applied the concentration and discipline he was taught in the service to make his Viridian business succeed. Today his downteam includes more than 40 Associates, most of whom he only “sees” online.

“I was terrible at it at first,” Michael admits. He adds that starting a business from scratch can lead to many “no’s” early on, but that is what keeps him going.

“I’ve always believed you have to keep moving through the obstacles,” he says.

So Michael put a strong focus on converting cold contacts into part of his warm market. “That is difficult from another state, but it is definitely not impossible,” he says. Through his own market connections in other states such as friends, family members or business contacts, Michael was able to connect and build his warm market quickly.  Many times, Associates join the business excited, but get discouraged when their warm market dries up. And, that’s when Michael tells his team to “get innovative” and start thinking outside the box.

This means reaching out through nontraditional channels, as well as keeping in contact through social media, text messages or phone calls, since in-person meetings are logistically difficult. These challenges have taught him a lot about success: Learn from the mistakes you make and tweak the process the next time over.

But how do you keep people engaged and interested? Build a relationship with everyone you meet – in person or not. “If you can learn to be a better listener than you are talker, you will see success,” he says.

In fact, Michael first said no when his cousin approached him about the Viridian opportunity. After trying his hand at network marketing in his 20’s, he was hesitant about getting involved again. But he finally gave it a shot.

“I was just waiting for an opportunity to come across my desk,” he says. “It struck me that Viridian was a phenomenal business model.”

This small business owner and entrepreneur is now operating his Viridian business remotely to keep busy and is also serving as a mentor and coach in local youth sports programs.

Not only does he believe in the business model, but he also tells others that Viridian is a win-win-win: A win for customers, a win for Associates and a win for the planet.

And, Michael says that the Viridian opportunity is what makes it easy to build – with commitment and perseverance of course. “The product is undeniable, and people catch on to that,” he says.

Since Michael joined in June, Viridian has skyrocketed to 19 markets and growing. And with the help of “virtual” teams like his, Viridian Associates are popping up all over the map.

So it should come as no surprise that your team may have warm contacts all across the country, where you can reach to extend the boundaries of your own market.  After all, as Michael proves – distance is no match for the will to succeed.