Mayakoba 2016: Celebrating Teamwork and Personal Growth

Charla Albania

As the newest member of the Viridian team, it’s funny how many of you that I’ve met and feel like I’ve known forever…and yet so many I still have yet to meet! I’ve been blessed to be a part of this industry for almost 20 years so there is so much that is familiar and awesome to now be part of with you. A friend asked me recently, “How is it going? Do you like it?” A question we all get asked by our closest friends. What was fun was the next 15 minutes I think I spoke without taking a breath about all that I love and appreciate about this amazing company, family…this MOVEMENT! I have to say, there is something very, very special here at Viridian. Something that doesn’t exist in any other company I’ve seen and that is the movement that our Associates, “Generation V”, have created here at Viridian.

Mayakoba, Mexico is going to be a “boost” in the culture of Generation V and I’ll try my best to capture the essence of what makes this movement so special! Our primary objective to is to celebrate our Associates in who have been relentless in their quest to create positive environmental impact across America. These individuals set their 2016 goals and followed through! Now, after working so, so hard, we’re going to play hard in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and in truly wonderful company.

But while our trip achievers are celebrating their hard work in Mayakoba, I think it’s important for our new Associates who aren’t coming on the trip to know that they are an important and influential part of our team. It’s true: Our new Associates made a choice to become part of Generation V and by this time next year, they could be on the next “Where in the World?” trip celebrating their own dreams coming true. I hope that each of you will take this to heart and see yourself on the beaches of the world with us.

In fact, at Viridian, though each Associate is an individual entrepreneur, he or she is in business for themselves but never by themselves. The relationships that each leader, top earner and newcomer have with each other are like no other business relationships you’ll ever experience. When you’re a part of Generation V, you do your personal best to provide responsible energy to new prospects. But our Associates also want to change people’s lives with this business model and can’t wait to take someone by the hand and help them succeed! Each Associate helps the other. It is not a culture of competition; rather, it’s quite the opposite. That’s the beauty of relationship marketing and the abundance mindset that is pervasive throughout Generation V!

These special relationships and a common goal to “do well by doing good” is what we will be celebrating in Mayakoba. I just went on a Viridian’s “7 Continents in 7 Years” trip to Albania a few weeks ago and I already miss my teammates that I became so deeply connected to when there. We rolled up our sleeves, dug deep (literally 3-feet by 3-feet holes, digging deep!) and shared a common deadline, mission and cause. There were no “titles”, there was no hierarchy—instead there was one team with one cause, joining together to make a positive impact! I came home a better contributor to Generation V simply because I know each of our achievers. Now, however, I’m focused on my Mayakoba companions. I can’t wait to be with my teammates and new friends traveling to Mayakoba to share our journeys and insights. We will see how to protect the reef in the area and participate in a local sustainability event during the trip. I love this part of the company! We don’t just sit back and bask in the sunshine. Rather, we learn, grow, make a difference and come home better equipped to educate the world around us on how they too can make a difference. I see each of these trips creating stewards for a better world as we know it. Each person will be able to ask questions of each other and learn how the fastest growing teams in Viridian are making it happen today. John Maxwell says “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” (in income, mindset, attitude, hopes, dreams, etc.). So, surrounding yourself with the best in the business is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself. So, I challenge everyone back home to go find your own “Executive Committee” of the five people you could enlist to raise you to higher ground!

Keep your eyes peeled for my follow-up blog in which I’ll be sharing the wonderful, unforgettable events—from visiting the ancient ruins of Tulum to hiking around the waterfalls of Xel-Ha to relaxing with a fun drink on the beach—that we experienced together during our trip. I’m certain my cheeks will hurt from the volumes of laughter, I hope to be a bit sunburned, and with many new Generation V family members who’ve made me better, just by being with them next week!

— Charla Gervers, Vice President of Leadership Development