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Mary Lou Palumbo - January 2015 RFP Spotlight

Six years ago, Mary Lou Palumbo left a lucrative but stressful corporate career in television to become head of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce in Massachusetts. It was a move toward higher job satisfaction, knowing that she could use her skills to benefit the non-profit organization. So when she was introduced to Viridian in 2012, she felt it was a good opportunity to earn extra money for the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce.

Viridian had just launched in Massachusetts. She confesses she got off to a bit of a slow start, but she soon saw that as a nonprofit, the Chamber of Commerce was eligible to earn income to help with fundraising efforts under Viridian’s Residual Fundraising Program (RFP). She proposed the plan to the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

“Our board wanted to be sure that Viridian was a reputable company,” Mary Lou shares. “Once we got the board’s approval, Viridian Corporate came down and did a presentation.”

After the approval, it was six to nine months before anything happened. In May 2012, Mary Lou’s husband Gary, who is also a Viridian Associate, became the first Associate under the Chamber. “He’s built a very strong line,” she says. “Thanks to his line, we’re doing very well, and the Chamber has another nonprofit under us.”

The Chamber’s goal is to help local businesses by providing classes, special events and advocacy. Mary Lou tries to educate the heads of small companies about how they can use affordable, responsible energy. Every Customer counts toward residual income for the Chamber of Commerce, so it is fundraising with minimal effort. “The Chamber earned $800 this month alone,” Mary Lou says.

“We’re really hoping to take this to a level that’s going to create a nice reserve fund for the Chamber,” she explains. “It will continue to grow and prosper and the Chamber will keep making money after we leave. It will have a legacy.”

The 3DOM™ Rate Plans in Massachusetts were enthusiastically embraced by Customers, she reports. “The timing for 3DOM couldn’t be better, as these National Grid rates continue to skyrocket,” she says. “People are always skeptical, but I think that the tools that Viridian has available for us makes it a lot easier.”

Mary Lou’s husband Gary runs a gutter protection business, so he’s constantly meeting potential new Customers and Associates, she reports. “This business was perfect for him,” she says.

“Our goal is to retire with Viridian,” she adds. “We see this as our retirement fund.”