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March 2015 Sustainability Spotlight: Chris Galli

Last October, Lead Director Chris Galli found an email from Viridian informing him he was in the running to win the Work for the Future Contest. He wasn’t sure whether to get his hopes up, especially after his wife and Viridian business partner Julie speculated, “Maybe they send that to everyone.”

Work for the Future was a promotion Viridian had started last fall when organizers of the 7 Continents in 7 Years (7C7Y) trip realized they would need a few more volunteers to complete the ambitious project ahead. Like all the voluntourists leaving this Sunday for Nicaragua, Chris and the other Work for the Future winners will be helping to install solar systems to provide electricity for 40 families in the rural village of Portrero Platanal. His group gets one day and night of relaxation in Granada afterward, while the larger group stays in Nicaragua a few more days.

Chris said he started to take things seriously about the contest when he got a follow-up letter in November saying he was in the top ten. “I could actually win this thing,” he recalls thinking—and then he got busy. “I turned it up. I went back to my list and started texting everyone I knew. I started calling people every day.”

A little over a month later, he was getting a call from Viridian President Meredith Berkich congratulating him on being one of the five winners. And now he’s beyond ecstatic as he packs for Sunday’s travels. “I’m wired for this!”

Chris is an adventurer at heart. He left his Massachusetts home at age 15 and moved by himself to Clearwater, Florida, just because he wanted to live somewhere warmer. After high school he joined the Marine Corps and continued his adventures.

By the time he joined Viridian in 2013, he had worked in a variety of companies. A few years ago he started a gold mining business “with a pick and a shovel” in Africa, which he still owns and has grown to a 50,000-acre large scale mining operation. He travels there several times a year. Chris also works in mortgages and the Real Estate field.

When Partner Paul Poirier, now his mentor, introduced him to Viridian, Chris was pretty quickly sold on the company and its product offerings. He had worked in the energy business as a broker for a few years, and had seen first-hand some of the damage the industry does to the earth and to its employees. He knew someone had to do something about the state of things so that his great-grandkids would still have clean air to breathe. In his personal life he started making changes like downsizing to a more energy-efficient car and shutting off lights when not in use.

When he was considering Viridian, he admired how CEO & Founder Michael Fallquist was finding ways to offer sustainable energy at affordable prices. “It’s a visionary company that’s seeing into the future,” Chris emphasizes.

“I’ve done other network marketing before, but it wasn’t like this.” At Viridian, he saw a structure where people supported each other. “I love the personal growth aspect. I love mentoring people,” he explains. “It’s like being part of a movement.” As a result of this passion, he’s found success with Viridian. “My team is really exploding,” Chris declares.

Because he’s no stranger to difficult work or difficult conditions in remote regions, he feels the work in Nicaragua is perfect for him, and he adds that traveling with the Viridian group will be the icing on the cake. “I love the adventure,” he avows. “It’s going to be a life-changing experience.”

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