March 2015 Heroes Spotlight: Rafael J. Nieves

Associate Rafael J. Nieves is convinced that serving in the Army for eleven-and-a-half years has helped his business. “Being part of the military has given me an edge in Viridian,” he asserts. “It teaches you discipline; gives you leadership skills and a strong work ethic.”

The Goshen, NY, veteran is nearing his one-year anniversary with Viridian. An Independent Associate who was Rafael’s old chemistry teacher told him about the program, and for Rafael it was the answer to the question, “What do I do now?”

“I was in the process of doing something new. I’d been injured in Afghanistan and, against my will, it was time to call it quits from the Army.” The injury to his ankle and back occurred in September 2012 and he had to undergo three reconstructive surgeries on his ankle. “I’m limited in what I can do, physically, but spiritually I am not broken,” Rafael explains.

Before joining the Army and even for a brief time during active duty Rafael had tried network marketing with two other companies, one that sold insurance and another that sold a variety of products. “It didn’t stick, because the products weren’t something I believed in.”

When his former teacher, Ed Sattler, talked to him about Viridian, he was interested but moved slowly. “I did my own research and took my time about it,” Rafael recalls. About three months later he signed on as a Heroes Program Associate, with Ed as his mentor.

“I was enrolled in the Heroes Program, which was a great deal. There’s no enrollment fee, and you get 250 business cards and a Personal Website for two months for free,” Rafael says. “I did the Duplic8 Process with Ed, completed Viridian University and hit the ground, boots running. I said, ‘Ed, we’re going to make this happen!’ ”

Rafael was impressed by the importance of the products Viridian was selling, and he liked that he could help educate people about energy choice, and about making a choice that does more for the environment—without really having to make any major changes in their lives. “I don’t think that this product is challenging to sell at all,” he declares. “I made a personal promise with my Customers and I go through every electric bill they have.…I sit down and give them the truth.”

He relays a story about the time he went into a health food store to buy a package of tea and asked the owner if she’d ever considered going green with the company’s energy. “She said they were under contract with another company, but said she would pass along my information to her employees to see if they’d be interested in personally signing up for Viridian.”

Rafael told her he’d come back with more literature and info. When he returned, “She was impressed with my coming back and liked what I presented about Viridian. She cancelled her other contract! I earned her electric and solar business along with some of her employees’ business,” he states.

Rafael works as a youth director in his church and feels that community connections help him in his business as much as being a vet does. “I place God’s work first and in turn He blesses my business!” Rafael has two Associates under him, along with 39 OCC and growing.

“I can tell you this for sure—Viridian definitely has been life-changing as far as how I perceived my ability to succeed,” Rafael shares. “Their structure is not comparable to any other network marketing opportunity today.”

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