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Making Solar Simple: The Viridian + Sungevity Advantage

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Generation V knows that solar is going through the roof. In fact, the Solar Energy Industries Association just announced that 2015 was a record-breaking year with 7,286 megawatts of solar PV installed in the United States. And with our new solar partner, Sungevity, Viridian Associates are finding that spreading the sunshine is easier than ever before.

“I love Sungevity,” says Partner Rennard Sweetney. “Every customer I have has had a very pleasant experience with them. I’m a huge fan of what they’re doing.”

Rennard is one of Viridian’s top performing solar Associates. Despite his successful track record, however, Rennard does not consider himself to be an expert in solar energy. And that’s because he doesn’t have to be! In just six short months, Sungevity has demonstrated an ability to provide custom pricing, exceptional customer service and fast installations.

“Selling solar energy becomes a lot easier when you take yourself out of the equation,” says Rennard. “I tell everybody, ‘I’m not a solar expert, but I do know a way to help reduce your energy bill, increase the value of your home and make a responsible energy decision.’ I’m simply the connector between the customer and Sungevity.”

When Viridian Associates refer solar customers, a knowledgeable Sungevity professional is dedicated to their account to provide ongoing communication from the initial assessment period throughout the installation process. They are there to answer any and all questions a customer may have regarding solar energy for their home. This makes selling your warm contacts on solar simple.

In fact, Director Jack Massoni first became interested in becoming a Viridian Associate when solar energy was added to our portfolio of responsible energy solutions. A solar customer himself, Jack knows first-hand the power of solar energy. Still, similar to Rennard, Jack says the key to speaking with customers isn’t necessarily being a solar expert, but understanding that a customer could potentially benefit from solar energy and allowing Sungevity to take the reins and provide a thorough assessment.

One of the many reasons we love our solar partner is their quick installations. The industry average to receive a solar installation is four to six months, although Sungevity customers receive theirs in less than that estimate. Since Viridian partnered with Sungevity, many Viridian customers have already had solar installed in their homes and are reaping the benefits.

Customer John Ferris first explored his solar options in late September 2015. From the get-go, John felt he was in good hands with the experienced staff on the Viridian solar team.

“From the very beginning of this project, they proved themselves to be masters of communication and walked me through the entire process. What could have been a very complicated ordeal was made easy. With their assistance, a customized proposal was created based on my residence, usage and location,” said John.

Flash forward to December of that year and John’s home was not only approved for solar, but installation was already underway. Having seen his neighbors undergo arduous solar installation processes with other providers, John was anticipating a similar experience. Much to his surprise, however, Sungevity professionals swiftly completed the installation and kept him updated throughout the entire process.

“They got to work right away and kept me informed of any decisions that might cosmetically impact my home,” says John. “I would, and will, recommend going solar with my family, friends and neighbors. The Viridian and Sungevity staff involved with this project made it effortless, stress-free and easy to complete.”

Take it from John, Jack and Rennard: when you’re speaking with potential solar customers you are offering them a superior product and customer experience with Viridian and Sungevity. And because of Viridian’s unique pay-it-forward program SUN PLUS ONETM, we will donate one solar power system to a household in need for every 15 customers who receive a solar installation from Viridian Energy. For low-income homeowners in urban areas to villagers in remote regions who’ve lived off the grid their whole lives, SUN PLUS ONE is how Viridian is doing something to share the sun’s power with those who need it most.

So what are you waiting for? The power of the sun is awesome but it doesn’t need to be scary.

Check out our solar training webinar (password: SolarWeek) or learn more about Sungevity so that you can confidently strike up a solar conversation – day or night!