Make Mother Earth Proud: Mark your Calendars for Viridians Earth Month

What an amazing few days here at Viridian! Last week ended with a very special moment when I got to announce that you have hit your first Thrive in 5 Rewards Challenge milestone—and earned your first $1 million. The great week continued on Saturday as I got to attend our inaugural Earth Month event this year, a habitat restoration project in Weston, Conn., led by Associate Dean Haines.

In just a few hours, we made a real difference for wildlife at the Trout Brook Valley section of Connecticuts Aspetuck Land Trust. Our Viridian volunteers cleared brush and used the logs and branches to build simple refuges for box turtles and other small woodland animals. It was wonderful to see our Associates and their guests getting Earth Month off to such a great start!

It seems that each year our Earth Month gets even more impressive. Just consider the fact that our very first year we held only one event and that this year we will boast more than 30 events spanning nine states. In addition, 29 Associates—along with four RFPs—have stepped up to the plate to spearhead events. I am really proud of the lineup of events this year. We have everything from a playground cleanup in New Haven, Connecticut to an invasive species removal project in Delaware to a forest restoration project in Illinois. I’m especially looking forward to this Friday’s Discover Viridian Earth Month event when we can all come together to give back to our community and clean-up the Mill River, which runs right alongside our office.

If you look at how many more events, coordinators and projects we have added to the roster in just five years, it’s really something of which to be quite proud. Just take a look at our sustainability numbers too! Our growth is evidenced in the fact that in our 2010 reporting year our electric customers avoided 2,574 pounds of carbon dioxide through our voluntary REC purchasing, and in our 2013 reporting year that number surged to an impressive 2,108,554,851.

If you haven’t been to an Earth Month event yet, now is the time to make room on your calendar. These next few weeks present a great way to get involved in our unique culture. It’s a month in which we really celebrate what makes us different and the passion and the mission of our company, which is sustainability.

So come out and get involved! Not only can you make an impact in the specific project, but you can also connect with the Viridian community and realize, in a very tangible way, that the impact we have is much deeper than educating customers about their electricity, natural gas and solar choices. Understanding that Viridian is about more than just making money will make you considerably more successful over the long haul.

The one thing that I have learned from network marketing is that belief is everything. When I started this company, my belief in network marketing was somewhat limited as I had never been exposed to the industry before. But today my belief in network marketing continues to grow, especially because of the culture we have been able to create. If you are looking for belief in this company, start at our core—sustainability. I challenge anyone who is new to our company to come to one of our Earth Month events and start that journey.