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Associate Spotlight April 2012
The friendship between Viridian Partner Jenna Marzullo and Senior Director Sabrina Allard goes back to when the pair met at age 15, and that bond is still going strong today. Their close, personal connection has carried the duo through college, careers, relationships and continuing success with their respective Viridian businesses.

“I feel like I’ve known Sabrina forever, and am blessed to have her in my life,” Marzullo said recently. “Even after graduating together from the University of Connecticut, we both went into the insurance business, but at different companies.”

It was at this point that their paths parted, but only for a short time, as the two had always hoped to work together at some point in their careers.

“I’d found corporate America to be stifling, so I left after two years to start a Holistic Center with [Senior Director] Kat Wynne­Brown,” Jenna said. “But the economy was in deep trouble by the summer of 2009 and, unfortunately, yoga, workshops, counseling sessions and massages were the last thing on the minds of people who are experiencing financial difficulty. I started looking for small, part­time jobs to try to keep the center afloat.”

One listing Marzullo found on Craigslist had the phrase “renewable energy company,” which piqued her interest. Having decided that service­oriented businesses were her passion, she answered the ad and set up a lunch meeting with Viridian CEO Michael Fallquist.

“It was him, and not deregulation, that inspired me to take action and join his mission,” she recalled. “His vision was core to what I am. He struck me as a visionary person with a big heart.”

Marzullo, who eventually became Viridian’s first Associate, dove headfirst into the business and called everyone she knew to attend a pre­launch meeting. While Sabrina Allard declined the invitation, her husband Jay, also an old friend of Marzullo’s, decided to go.

“When he came back from that meeting, he was so excited he couldn’t get his words out fast enough,” Allard recalled with a laugh. “He told me, ‘I just signed up; we have a new business.’”

Allard had been in the insurance industry for nearly nine years, but she, too, was ready for a change when Marzullo introduced her to Viridian.

“After seeing Jay’s enthusiasm, and hearing Jenna’s excitement, I knew I needed to know more about it,” Allard said. “I went to an opportunity meeting a week later, and I simply got it. I saw the bigger picture, and realized that Jenna and Jay had the vision.”

Now, nearly three years later, the duo’s dream of working together has come to fruition. Four months into the business, Allard left the insurance company to concentrate on Viridian and a fashion­styling business she had started. She also began blogging, which encouraged her to open up to other possibilities in her life.

“This company has changed the entire way we live our lives,” Allard said. “I went from the corporate world where I’d been for nine years, to network marketing, which was new for me. I was seeing a different way to spend time and get paid. I’m now looking forward to achieving Platinum Partner and beyond.”

Marzullo has also seen a number of positive effects from her work with Viridian.

“This experience has inspired me to move through so many fears and limiting belief systems that I didn’t even know were there,” she said. “I’ve heard the phrase that ‘Leaders get paid to be scared,’ meaning leadership isn’t about being fearless but about feeling the fear and doing it anyway! I was afraid to speak in public, and to fly, and had the limiting belief that I wasn’t worthy of the success or attention that quickly came my way. Viridian allows me a place to personally grow and do the things I’m truly capable of, and I’m now inspiring others to do it as well.”

Having come this far together, Sabrina Allard and Jenna Marzullo are far from finished. The pair just returned from Africa as part of Viridian’s “7 Continents in 7 Years” initiative, and both have extensive long­term goals and plans.

“I want to be able to see my team in the next year achieve the things they’ve been working so hard for,” Allard said. “I want to see them progress, and move myself to Platinum Partner and beyond.”

Marzullo has similar goals in mind.

“A year from now, the way things are headed, I’ll be an Ambassador in the company, continuing to tell the incredible story of Viridian and all the people who are creating it,” she said. “I can’t wait to continue the journey!”