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RFP Spotlight May 2013
When Linda retired six years ago she knew she wasn’t through working, but she was definitely through having her time dictated by other people.

She wanted to be flexible, with time for herself, time to spend with her mother in North Carolina and time to spend with her extended family. When her hair designer Phyllis Henry told her about the Viridian opportunity, particularly as it relates to fundraising, it immediately lined up with her goals.

“My husband is pastor of our church, Macedonia Baptist, and we had a major capital campaign coming up,” Linda shared. “The building we’re in here in Wilmington is beautiful and historic, but with more than 15 steps to climb to enter the sanctuary, it’s quite difficult for a number of our members to manage. We knew we needed a new building. The RFP is a way to help the elderly and disabled of our congregation two ways: We could help them save money on their electric bills (and they’ve been saving quite a lot) and build a new church that is as welcoming to them physically as it is to them spiritually. Plus, we’d finally get a big, modern kitchen so we could have the kinds of functions we all enjoy.”

At this moment, an architect’s model of their new church building holds pride of place in the church lobby, and the congregation is wholeheartedly on board. “A full 90% of our congregation has signed up with Viridian,” Linda remarked, “and they’ve gotten their friends and family members to sign up, too. Even members of the community who don’t come to our church have chosen Viridian to help us out. At the rate we’re going, we should be able to start building in the next 12 to 15 months. Now my husband is talking to other pastors about how Viridian can help their congregations achieve their goals, too.

“The funny thing is, I didn’t know about deregulation when we first started with Viridian,” she added. “But here in Delaware, we know how important it is to protect the environment. We’ve got a lot of industry and a lot of smog. A company that sells green energy sounds very refreshing to us.”

In addition to helping her church reach a goal that was just a dream a few short years ago, Linda is now able to make dreams come true for her grandchildren by taking care of some of their college tuition. She’s even getting to indulge in a personal “why” and travel a little.

“My feeling is, you do good by others and others do good by you,” she said. “ The Lord blesses us, and this is part of this blessing.”