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The Joy of Life-Changing Light

I found this 7 Continents in 7 Years trip to Nicaragua to be extremely rewarding because of the immediate gratification for every family that received solar power. It was remarkable to speak to one of the families, with the help of a translator, about how this will change their lives. It made me happy to see the direct results of our efforts as the children were running around the dirt floor of their home and the mother and father grinning from ear to ear. We are used to a completely different lifestyle with all of our modern conveniences, but I reflect on the simplistic and loving nature of these people. I wish more people within our organization could witness what we were able to see in Platanal. When we come back and we lead meetings, we try our best to describe what we felt and what we saw, but it can be a very difficult message to convey.

My name is Justin Phillips and I am Generation V.

In March 2015, Viridian traveled to the breathtakingly beautiful and still mostly undeveloped “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.” To complete our most ambitious project to date, we hiked to the small agricultural community of Portrero Platanal, an off-the-grid village that’s inaccessible by car. With the help of the nonprofit organization GRID Alternatives, we were able to install clean, reliable solar systems on the homes of 40 families, bringing the opportunity for a better life to an entire community.