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Husband and wife team, John and Lella Pyonteck, know what it takes to be inducted into Viridian’s Millionaire’s Circle.

It takes growing, supporting and celebrating the other members of their team. It takes cultivating a strong bond with people, understanding their Whys and showing them that they deserve this opportunity, this success and this freedom.

“You never know what’s inside of someone else,” says John. “You see them on the outside, but you don’t know the desire burning deep inside of them. We want to learn who each person is, learn what desire lives inside of them and then show them exactly how to get it.”

That’s how John and Lella came to join Generation V in the first place. Though they were already running their own successful business—and still are—a trusted friend came to them with an opportunity they couldn’t resist. Even though they had no prior network marketing experience, they knew that this new path provided them with the freedom they craved and a chance to diversify their finances.

All John wanted was to be in a position where he knew his wife and son would always be taken care of, and Viridian offered this potential.

John and Lella quickly found that investing time in others showed a return in their personal business.

The loving couple got to work chipping away at leveraging their existing relationships and creating new ones, seven days a week. They enjoyed the money coming in and the lifestyle they began to have access to, but they never stopped to analyze it and never stopped moving forward with their process. They simply put their heads down and never looked up.

As John reasons, “Many people get caught up in it all and try to complicate the simplicity of it. It’s really quite simple. You need to bond with people, show them the way and dedicate yourself to them. It works.”

Lella certainly agrees with her husband.

“You need to expand your circle,” she adds. “You need to find people you admire, who inspire you and who are experts in their field. That’s why we would never miss the chance to gather around Eric Worre at PowerUP! What he offers is so moving, so educational and so important for the future of our business. It’s important to keep increasing your connections, refining your skills and working to become the person you aspire to be.”

John and Lella both believe that it has been the success of others that has allowed them to reach the Millionaire’s Circle.

“We are humbled that so many people chose to follow us,” says John. “We have the deepest gratitude for everyone that is a part of our Viridian family. Without them, there would be no ‘us.’”

In addition to the unwavering dedication to their team, John and Lella’s commitment to their Why has never faltered—but it certainly has grown. They now have their grandson’s future to secure.

One way they are doing that is by, together, dreaming bigger than they ever have before.

“We’ve already seen things we never knew we would see,” reflects Lella. “Now, with the partnership between Michael and Paul—two genius men who each know a different side of this industry—we see an even stronger core of Viridian and stronger collective confidence to take this company to a level we can’t yet fathom.”

“It’s just the start,” echoes John.