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Associate Spotlight January 2013

Some people are lucky enough to have an individual change their life just once but for Associate John Krall, he met someone powerful enough to change his life twice.

About 15 years ago, the former construction company owner resolved that he needed to take his career down a different path and decided to dive into the information technology recruiting space. Suddenly, Krall went from working in an “oversized, plush pickup truck” with his trusty tools to a 4­ by­ 4 cubicle with a CRT monitor and a telephone with headset. The transition was overwhelming, but Krall was able to receive training from an outside sales training team, led by Bob Quintana.

“Bob changed my life; he helped me transition from a pickup truck to a cubicle and after the training I went on to become very successful in that industry and one of the top leaders,” Krall said.

In June 2011, Quintana circled back into Krall’s life through a mutual friend, but this time the training he offered was a bit different. While meeting for lunch at a diner, Quintana showed Krall the Viridian opportunity. Just halfway through the presentation, Krall knew he wanted to enroll as a Viridian Associate.

Though Krall signed up in June 2011 as a birthday present, his work in the electronic waste industry kept him from pursuing his Viridian business at full strength. After six months of “going dark,” as he calls it, he decided in January 2012 to stop putting Viridian on the back burner. He signed up his own meter the first week of January and has pounded the pavement since that day to climb to the prestigious Director rank.

“There were a few things that helped me kick into gear,” Krall said. “My mentors Scott and Melissa Epstein played a big role. Even when I went dark those first six months, they consistently let me know about different events and happenings with Viridian. But what I remember most is driving home from a business trip in Rhode Island in December of 2011 and Scott calling me and saying ‘I am at a training in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and I saved you a seat.’ I don’t know why but something made me turn my car and head straight to the training. That was the kick­start for me. That was the moment I started my business.

In the past year, Krall has made a point to celebrate every small step in his Viridian journey—from his customer count expanding from one page to two in the Back Office to his team’s customer count exceeding 125. When he hit Director in November though, a bigger celebration was in order. Krall commemorated the moment with his family by popping the cork of a “beautiful bottle of French wine.” He still has the corks from those milestones.

Krall attributes much of his success to the unwavering support from the Epsteins.

“Their persistence really made me open my mind to life­changing possibilities,” he said. “If I were to give advice, it’s to immediately find a mentor and reach out for support. The Viridian upteam and crossteam support is absolutely amazing.”

So what’s next for the New Jersey Director? More and more rank advancements and celebrations, he said.

“Our goals are set pretty high, however, we feel they are attainable,” he said. “Viridian is changing the life of my family, which now has hope again. We are working toward a life full of success and freedom. My advice to all is to stay thirsty!”