Joe O: Think of What You Can Achieve When You Put Your Mind To It

When I was in college, I took a mandatory freshman class all about expository writing. At the time I was a straight-A student and took pride in the fact that I was a good, solid writer. I remember sitting in that class week after week and handing in my essays and getting crushed. Suddenly I was getting D’s and F’s on my work.

It was confusing. I had always thought I knew how to write but I started to realize I had to learn different skill sets to excel at this new phase of life. At age 18 I decided to strengthen my writing and I set a goal for myself to constantly improve. I went from being a lousy writer my freshman year to having two books published today. It just goes to show what you can achieve when you put your mind to something.

It’s so important in the direct selling business to be willing to work on your weaknesses. People say they are not good in sales. So get good at sales. People who are not great at talking to others need to get out of their comfort zone and start public speaking.

When I set out to write my recent book, “A Story About: “I Will Never Do Network Marketing,” I had to set a list of new goals. There were times when I couldn’t go out at night because I had to get a chapter done. I had to keep in mind what I was working toward. Goal setting can be tough especially in the network marketing business. After all, at Viridian, you are your own boss and there is no one but you and your team to hold you accountable.

So set little goals. For me, it was to get two chapters done by a Sunday night. It’s no different at Viridian. You have to set baby goals and big goals. For instance, if your stepping stone objective is to show the plan 10 times a week and you only do it three and there are two days left in the week, no one will be there to reprimand you. Therefore, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people comes down to those who stick with their original game plan knowing there is no one to help you stay the course.

What’s great about Viridian is that some Associates will think this line of work is easy and will take it for granted. But I prefer to work with the ones who think it is hard because success builds on success. Even if you show the business to five people and they don’t budge, that’s OK. You’ve done what you are supposed to do. We only reach victory when we come out of our comfort zone and get uncomfortable.

What I teach people is that no matter what, you have to detach yourself from the outcome. If your goal is to call eight people today and only one thinks the opportunity is great, that’s fine. You did your duty today. You can’t control whether everyone loves this business model and wants to become a customer or Associate. All that matters is that you set your goals and work to reach them each week.

Let me tell you: you don’t have to go after people who have been in network marketing for years in order to reach your goals. In fact, in my latest book I focus on finding those people who you don’t think will necessarily be a good match for network marketing and targeting them. Trust me, you’ll never know their potential until you share the opportunity. It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone by speaking to these kinds of folks.

The truth is that often the best players in your business will have never done network marketing before. And they will still do incredibly well in this business. Take a look at people in our company like Anthony Serino, Brian Nichols, Bob Meneve, Doug Borden… the list goes on. These guys went from skeptics of network marketing to huge fans and had no prior experience with this kind of business.

So figure out what you want to achieve in the coming weeks, lay out a series of steps that will get you there and find comfort in a typically uncomfortable place.