Joe O - Tip of the Week: Schedule a Three-Way Call

As many of you know, I talk about the power of the three-way call a lot and that’s because it works. With so many new faces in our business, I figured it couldn’t hurt to walk you through why this tactic proves effective every time.

Now those of you who are already in the business know that you have a life-changing opportunity in front of you here. But your prospects don’t know that, and how could they? You have to walk this fine line of expressing this without getting too corny.

What we do is try to keep it simple. We tell them that this business is mostly about showing videos and making phone calls. We know going in that the new recruit is afraid of two things: first, is this business going to take a lot of time and second, will I have to become an expert in energy and know all about kilowatts and megawatts and/or sustainability and all things green before I can get started. If they feel that the answer is “yes” to all these concerns, they may indeed see this as a great opportunity but just too overwhelming at this time in their lives.

And we know that.

So I want to empower newer Associates to have answers to these questions when they call new recruits. With regards to how long this business takes, the truth is it’s up to you. It’s really just a 13-minute video and a 10-15-minute phone call. It’s about 30 minutes maximum. And you can do it remotely.

Now to get the most out of this 30-minute interaction, my advice is to always get three people involved when it comes to showing the video to someone—a three-way call as we like to call it. The concept is simple: grab a fellow up-team member and ask him or her to join you on your next call with a prospect. There a number of reasons this type of call works.

First, as a new Associate you can learn how to prospect better by listening to a fellow Associate on the call. When I do a three-way call with a new Associate, he or she is listening, learning and thinking: I would have answered it differently, Joe answered it more thoroughly or I didn’t know about that. After you have one under your belt, choose to do your next three-way call with someone new like Frank or Bob Q. In doing so, you learn different styles, answers and approaches. To this day Bob Q still asks me or Frank to participate in a three-way call—and there is nobody in this business who knows more than Bob—but he will still do it just to model the power of the three-way call.

Perhaps more importantly, the concept of the three-way call (and how easy and quick it is) demonstrates firsthand to your prospect how little time and expertise this business can take to get started. The prospect quickly realizes that both of you may be taking the call remotely—that you don’t even need a computer to sell this business. Where else can you build your business while you’re on the road or at your daughter’s volleyball game?

You also prove that you don’t need to be an expert in this industry to get started. For every other field—for instance if you want to be a plumber, tax advisor or financial planner—you have to know your stuff, and the prospect needs to know that you know your stuff. This business is the opposite of almost every other business out there. You don’t need to know about everything to get started. On the three-way call the recruit quickly sees that we are not spending the 30 minutes talking about RECs and kilowatts. We are just watching a video and answering a few questions. The most successful people eagerly surrender to the system; they begin to show the video and earn as they learn.

I’d say our biggest hurdle in this business is the fact that some new Associates don’t think they need the three-way call. We will get people who say, “Don’t tell me how to run a business, I’ve been running one for 25 years.” And we tell them, “You are going to fail. Or, you might be so well connected and well respected that you sign people, but these new recruits may not have the influence that you do and this will not duplicate. This is clearly a business of leverage but this leverage only happens when your growing team knows to follow our proven system.”

Go show the video to 100 people as fast as you can, THE RIGHT WAY by always lining up three-way calls. Yes 100 people. It may take three weeks, three months or three years to grow your team the way you hope to, but the faster you get out there, the more likely you are to accelerate your business.

By the way, be sure to stay tuned for my next book that should be released in a few months.