Joe O -- Three Goals to Set For Yourself For PowerUP!

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It’s amazing to think that our annual PowerUP! convention is right around the corner, taking place September 11-13 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Whether you already have your ticket in hand, or are getting yours this week (do yourself a favor, get your spot reserved NOW), here are a few goals to set for yourself to get the most out of convention.

Goal 1: Bring Along Some New Faces

No matter how long you’ve been in this business, you will want to bring at least 10 people with you to PowerUP, and five of them you shouldn’t know yet. In other words, buy 10 tickets today and set aside five for strangers who you will commit to meeting in this month. Now you may be thinking, “It’s hard enough to find three people to come with me; there’s no way I can find 10!” But if you can accurately convey to them the immense possibilities in this business, you’ll reel them right in. To get those five you haven’t met, continually show the plan. Just think of how your business will explode if you get people who signed up over the summer to actually commit to this business right away and come to PowerUP. And do yourself a favor, don’t include yourself in those 10. Your being there should be a given.

Goal 2: Be Present

I was on the road at a show in Woodbridge, New Jersey this summer and was discouraged by the amount of people hanging out in the hallway or obsessing over their phones instead of listening to the speakers on the stage. What kind of example does this set for others? What’s more, how does not listening and not actively participating help you grow your business? I’ll tell you flat out, it doesn’t. So when you come to this year’s PowerUP be present, stay focused and remain in the moment.

When you attend big events like PowerUP, you’ll notice that the top money earners in the company often sit in the front two rows. We choose to be front and center as attending PowerUP is one thing, but sitting in the front, getting there early, staying late and paying attention are critical.

Almost every successful person in Viridian has a similar story in that he or she has had a series of aha moments over the years—not just one. A chief way to make this career opportunity work for you is to have multiple light bulb moments. You have to get to PowerUP to have that next moment and you don’t want to miss it because you are busy multi-tasking.

Goal 3: Put What You Learn Into Action

You’ll undoubtedly leave PowerUP feeling revved up and inspired, so set a goal for yourself to take what you have learned and put it into action. When it comes to recruitment and enrollment, the two biggest months in network marketing are typically October and November. As such, the timing of PowerUP is perfect.

October and November can make all the difference when it comes to your network marketing business. So don’t just get yourself to convention; have a game-plan, leave from the event pedaling full steam ahead and figure out how to take the key lessons you learn from the weekend and apply them to your business. Another tip? Tell everyone you know that you are going to PowerUP. It will make you that much more accountable to do something significant when you leave.

See you in Philly in September!