Joe O -- Summer Gut Check: Are You at the Top of Your Network Marketing Game?

Joe O_SummerBlog
Ninety-degree days and extended vacation times may have you feeling like now would be an OK time to pump the breaks on your network marketing efforts. But that would be a mistake as the time has never been better to pound the pavement and get the word out about this opportunity.

Keeping cool—while still finding a way to reduce electric bills—is top of mind for everyone today, especially as they crank their air conditioners. Did you know that Americans spend more than $22 billion a year on electricity to fuel their air conditioners? What’s more, they also use up to 183 billion kilowatt hours in the process, according to recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy. With heat waves and exorbitant air-conditioning bills a concern, it’s an ideal time to start a conversation about green energy and affordable cooling.

A question you might want to ask prospective customers is, “What steps are you currently taking to reduce your electric bill?” If they haven’t done so yet, a first move can be switching their energy supply to green energy. Because my house is green, I can crank up the A/C without feeling guilty that I am harming the environment. Ask prospects to look at their electric bills. They might be shocked by how much they pay to keep their houses cool.

Summertime is an opportune time to approach new recruits. Typically, business slows from June through August and people actually have the time to learn about a new opportunity. In fact, it may be the only time during the year when people are ready and eager to look at a new business. They are more relaxed, have ample vacation time and can afford to spend a few minutes looking at a business plan while they enjoy summer work hours.

So, stay motivated as the dog days of summer approach. In this line of business, there is nothing wrong with taking a phone call at the beach. When I used to work on Wall Street, I used to count the days to my vacation. I couldn’t wait to board the plane, get to a beach and unwind and decompress. I counted on the fact that I could totally unplug and not return emails, phone calls, and messages.

But in network marketing, because it’s a more relaxed, self-scheduled profession, you should welcome taking calls at any point in the day. That next call could be a game-changer for your business! And what’s more exciting than talking to someone on the beach and recognizing that that one phone call may significantly help you grow your business?

Here’s to a productive end of summer!