Joe O -- Calling All Associates: Set Your Sights on the Lone Star State

Joe_O_Texas Blog
Earlier this year, Crius Energy—Viridian’s parent company—acquired TriEagle Energy, a Houston-based energy retailer. This move represents big things ahead for Associates at Viridian. It immediately got us licensed in Texas, which is the largest deregulated state in the union so far, meaning our number of potential customers and Associates who we can enroll has increased exponentially.

This is great news for the company and the field. It adds a new dimension to our business. For years we have been explaining energy deregulation to people who live in states that are not accustomed to this concept. But now, we can break into a state where everybody understands this concept. We can come in with our green product and change the course of Texas—a historically non-green, oil-guzzling state.

Don’t let your preconceived notions about Texas—a state in which everyone is in the oil business—stop you from trying to do business here. Times are changing, and it would be foolish to not diversify your business and encourage those in Texas to start thinking about green energy in the future.

The potential for takeover in Texas is huge for our company. Our most recent relationship with TriEagle is a big win for our company, especially since they have a very sophisticated commercial platform that will help us get our commercial programs and proposals up to date and rolled out. The field should get excited. The Lone Star State is within reach and the potential for us Associates is massive.

Now you may be thinking, this is well and good but I don’t know anyone in Texas to reach out to. Think back on your own journey… chances are you didn’t know anyone in states other than yours and you’ve most likely expanded into those regions. When I look at my business, for example, I now have tens of thousands of customers in Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois. But five years ago, as a Jersey-boy, I didn’t know anybody in those areas. But that’s the magic of this business. You don’t know who your fellow Associates and customers know, and they can open up a whole new world for you.

Today, you might only know one or two people in Texas. But someone a few levels down in your business may live there, or went to college there or has parents from there. Just like that, this opens you up to another 30 million potential meters that can fall into your lap. Even if you don’t know one person in Texas today, get excited because people in your network surely know someone in Texas.

This company is heading in the right direction, and the most recent acquisition of TriEagle Energy confirms this very notion. So when you are prospecting with potential recruits, talk about the success, stability and promise of this company. We are with the right company. We are not wasting our time.

The concept of prospecting in Texas is something that we will be exploring in greater detail at our upcoming PowerUP! Convention. But in the meantime, you can prepare yourself for this new market by thinking about who you know in or from Texas. It may be somebody you showed the program to two years ago who had recently moved to your state from Texas. It could be an old college roommate. Now is the time to get on your social media accounts, reach out to your connections and get your list in order.