Joe O -- LiveViridian: A Great Sales Tool for Network Marketers

General Session 1 at Viridian's annual PowerUp convention.  Washington, DC 9/21/13  photo by Joe Epstein/
One of the best parts about this business is that I get to interact with Associates across all states—and of all different ranks—daily. And I truly enjoy that part. I love answering their questions, hearing about their prospecting victories and lending a tip or two when it’s needed.

One question that new recruits ask me a lot is, “Why Viridian over any other company?” In other words, why this opportunity over another one? In short, the answer is that Viridian is here for the long-term and it has the stories, recognitions and events to prove it.

The fact is that Viridian has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past six years. We quickly moved from a fledgling startup to a proven enterprise, as evidenced by our parent company going public in 2012. So today, if you get asked that question, you have a solid answer about the future of this company. What’s more, you also have a winning sales tool to demonstrate that future firsthand.

For proof as to how far our company has come, encourage your prospects to spend time visiting the newly designed LiveViridian page. LiveViridian has always served as an Associate hub to help us tell our stories and, more importantly, share those stories with others looking to join this business. On the site, you can see just how many Associates have now made it into the Millionaire’s Circle. You can see and learn firsthand about the local and global work being done on the sustainability front. You can browse our Sustainability Report to see that as we’ve grown our desire to be transparent and accountable has only increased as well. The more research our prospects do on us the better because we have a great story to tell!

So tell them to spend hours on LiveViridian. Let them get to know our field and corporate leaders, and locate for them a story, (blogs, spotlights, videos), about an Associate who was in their same industry and is now enjoying massive network marketing success. You could also pair these stories with information from where they can browse industry and Viridian news, which includes accolades like the Ernst & Young award.

You have a powerful sales tool right at your disposal. So send more recruits there. The next time you are asked the question “Why Viridian?,” direct them to a site that documents the advancements and opportunities this business gives our Associates. Who wouldn’t want to join and be part of Generation V after that?