Joe O: How to Use an Enrollment Promotion Effectively

99-dollar ASP image-JoeOblog
We’ve all been there. We’ve identified a super star recruit who could do amazing in the network marketing business but who—for whatever reason—is sitting on his or her hands and not signing up.

So when there is a promotion of any kind going on, especially an enrollment promotion, take advantage of it and explain it effectively to your new prospects to create a sense of urgency.

Let’s take a look at the current $99 enrollment promotion Viridian is offering as an example. Here’s the truth about a discounted enrollment fee. On the one hand you get a lot of people who say, ‘What the heck…it’s only $99, not $299, I’ll enroll,’ whereas if it was $299 they might not have. But if we sign up 25 percent more Associates in two months, is that a good or bad thing? Well it’s only a bad thing if none of them are successful. It’s a good thing if even 30 percent of that new group becomes rock stars.

To ensure that we get the group of rock stars, you have to explain to them the real benefit of the $99 enrollment promotion, which is not just that they can take advantage of the lower price point—but that their warm market can as well if they act fast. This is something I talked about on my recent “Morning Cup of Joe” call. When new recruits hear about an enrollment deadline—like our $99 enrollment deadline of Feb. 28th—they might be tempted to wait until that very last day to sign up.

But you need to explain to them how this business goes. You can’t sit on your hands. Direct selling is about building a team and your new recruits should not only be thinking of themselves and the fact that they can take advantage of the $99. They should realize that if they sign up soon, they can have their first few prospects benefit from the lower price point as well. The whole power behind the promotion is you can really get your team going if you act now.

When it comes to promotions, make sure you are appropriately creating a sense of urgency. What I teach is that you can really urge someone to enroll as a customer, explaining to them that you need two more customers by Friday to get your bonus. That’s OK. It doesn’t cost them anything and, if you come from a place where you think everyone should be a customer anyways and help the environment, you can encourage them to take action tonight.

But as far as an Associate, there’s no value in trying to talk someone into signing up as an Associate because all that matters is that you enroll the right people who will be here long term. So if they are the right person and they are going to enroll sooner rather than later, they might as well do it sooner to really take advantage of the promotion.

Just say the following to your next prospect: it’s not about them getting to the store before the sale ends, it’s about them getting themselves and their friends to the store before the sale ends so that everyone benefits.