Joe O: How Many People Will You Bring With You to Bermuda?

I’ve just returned from an amazing week-long sustainability trip to Nicaragua (more on that in my upcoming blog post!) and it got me thinking about how amazing it would be to have a sea of new faces at our next trip to Bermuda, which will take place June 24-28. And that trip is winnable—you alone are in charge of earning your way there.

It’s simple really. Rank up to Director, Senior Director or Executive Director for the first time in your career and create a new Consultant line and win a free trip to the beautiful Fairmont Southampton resort. Who wouldn’t want a free trip to Bermuda?

This contest simply reinforces the notion that you should continue to perform the actions you have been doing all along to advance in rank; specifically, you should always be showing the plan and developing Consultant lines. So let’s use Bermuda as the excuse to start taking action.

Whether you are new to this business or looking to recommit, seize this opportunity. For instance, if you signed up two years ago and checked out as you got halfway to Director, take a moment to think about something: there are Associates who enrolled in February who will become a Director, possibly faster than you. So if you have already acquired 150 customers, now’s the time to really pound the pavement. Those people who just enrolled in February would kill to have that head start, so make the time to get re-engaged.

If you’ve never been on an incentive trip before, let me tell you that what you will get out of it is a lot more than a good time on the golf links or at the pool. You will feel the camaraderie of Generation V. The best part about these trips is engaging in organic conversations with people on the plane, at the pool and at the cocktail parties. It’s about trading the funny war stories—like the fact that you have a brother who still won’t become a customer (we love that one).

And think about how refreshing it will be to share the fact that you won a free trip with people who doubted your direct sales pursuit in the first place. Chances are when you first started this business you had three or four dozen people who were cheering you on, but you also had some naysayers. Think of how powerful it is to tell those people, “I am leaving for Bermuda next month. I won the trip from that network marketing opportunity you once laughed at.” It just resonates among your network of family and friends, especially people you speak to on a semi-regular basis.

Earning your way to Bermuda also means you are well on your way to business growth. We consider hitting the Director mark our first leadership rank. To get there means you had to acquire 250 customers and have a couple of other leaders under you. You can’t get to Director on your own; you need at least half a dozen decent players.

If this imminent trip is the reason you are suddenly excited about this business three years later, that’s OK. It’s just important that you re-engage. After all, not everyone understands this business day one. They may have an “aha” moment and then another one. But if you are going to be successful in this business, you need a series of compounding “aha” moments, and Bermuda might just be the thing that stimulates a couple dozen people who want to go professional and actually do this full-time.

What’s great about this particular trip is that the home office has consulted many dedicated leaders on how this promotion should go. The goal we had for this promo was to make it achievable, but also drive growth. What’s exciting is the new requirements are proof that Viridian is ready for massive growth. Its proof that the company has arrived, is a big boy and is ready to celebrate a huge growth spurt with 100 of its top growth-driving Associates. They are clearly in this for the long haul.

Will we see you in Bermuda? And more importantly, how many people from your team will you bring with you?