Jenna Marzullo - Proven Ways to Increase Personal Growth and Development—Part 4

Well, we have finally reached the end of the road. In Parts 1-3 of this series I discussed two ways that individuals can increase personal growth and development, which can directly enhance their direct selling career. Part 2, for example, discussed the art of writing and Part 3 elaborated on the benefits of driving one’s visual nature by creating vision boards.

Perhaps this last suggestion for increasing personal growth and development is the most important of all: surrounding yourself with positive influences.

It’s important to note that positive influences do not just include the people you surround yourself with. Although that’s of course important, this can also include the books you read, the music you listen to and the movies you watch. In this way, when I advise you to surround yourself with “positive influences,” I mean make a concerted effort to entrench yourself in those things that will yield positive and forthcoming results, whatever they may be.

Let’s break up this topic into two categories—people and media (i.e. books, music, etc.):

People: Look at the quality of your relationships, both among friends and family. Positive influences should be people who support you, meaning you shouldn’t surround yourself with people who will stifle your beliefs or cause you to doubt your personal and professional goals—whether it be losing 10 pounds in one month or onboarding five new Associates the next.

You cannot allow yourself to listen to anyone who says that you cannot achieve those things you desire in life. Most importantly, remember that regardless of who you choose to surround yourself with, you should be your own biggest advocate; know that you are in control of your life and what it will be like. I have seen unbelievable emotional, physical, mental and financial transformations take place within people who decide to commit to surrounding themselves with positive people.

Media: There are plenty of assets available for you to increase your positive vibes. Some of my favorite books, for example, include “The Secret” and “Ask and It Is Given.” If you don’t have time to sit down and read through a book then there are plenty of books on tape that you can listen to. In fact, did you know that it’s possible to become great friends with personal growth and success coaches like John Maxwell, renowned author and speaker, and motivational speaker and coach Tony Robbins? Simply by listening to their books on tape daily you can have all the same benefits as if you were truly friends! Another positive form of media can include music in the form of upbeat songs with positive messages. Try creating a custom “Positive Vibes” playlist using a free music streaming service like Spotify, for example. This way you’ll have the perfect combination of positive music to listen to anytime you’re feeling discouraged.

As I conclude this series I would like to leave you with one last piece of advice: When you start to reap the benefits of personal development and growth using these exercises you’ll begin to rise above your circumstances. As a result, you might begin to encounter some toxicity or hostility from others. Take a look at who you are spending time with. Here at Viridian we take pride in maintaining a thriving, positive and encouraging culture involving consistent calls and meetings that are designed to motivate and encourage. If you don’t have friends or family who support you, know that you have a family at Viridian who will.

Are you ready to get started? The best part about personal growth and development is that it should be personally geared towards you. I would suggest starting by picking the exercise that appeals to you most and the one that you absolutely think won’t work or wouldn’t want to do. After all, sometimes those things that help us most are what we are initially most resistant to.

So we might have reached the end of the road for this series, but this can represent the beginning of an exciting growth journey to come!