Jenna Marzullo - Proven Ways to Increase Personal Growth and Development—Part 3

As I discussed in the first two parts of this series, personal growth and development need to be core areas of focus for not just those looking to succeed in the direct selling business, but for all individuals.

I have learned a lot along my Viridian journey that has enabled me to get to where I am today. But perhaps the most important takeaway I’ve realized is that you get more of what you focus on. You are in control of your thoughts, and with practice you can learn to change your thought process to start creating the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

There is absolutely nothing stopping you from reaching your ultimate level of personal enrichment, fulfillment and success when guided by the right set of best practices. In Part 2 of this series I introduced the practice of writing as an effective tool for sharpening your mental discipline and fostering the positive mentality necessary to recreate yourself. Today, let’s explore another proven best practice: vision boards.

 A vision board is a very powerful tool in that its visual nature helps trigger the kinds of thoughts needed to drive your life in a positive direction. But in order to see the power of a vision board, you must first understand the purpose of this tool and why it can be effective. A vision board is not just a collage of things that you like; rather it’s a representation of your subconscious desires and goals.

If you can drive this part of your brain with images that truly inspire and motivate you, you will see unbelievable results. To nourish this part of your brain, follow these steps: look at your vision board consciously, meditate on each and every image and, most importantly, connect with how those visuals make you feel.

To get started visit your local convenience store, browse the magazine racks and buy those that speak to you most. I encourage starting with travel, home and garden and entrepreneur magazines. Then sit quietly, with no distractions, and cut out images that are most appealing to you—those images that speak to you and your desires in life.

For instance, if you cut out the image of a beautiful and sprawling mansion, close your eyes and imagine being inside of that house. Get a sense of what the fabric of the furniture feels like, the way the rug or hardwood floor feels on your bare feet, and what the stone on the kitchen countertops look like.

Or, if you included an image of your dream car—say, an Audi r8 Coupe—consider how it feels to be in that car. Think of how the leather would smell, how the seat would feel up against your back, and how the wheel feels in your hands. If you can, test drive the car and have a friend take a picture of you with the car at the lot to add to your vision board.

Another idea I would suggest is writing out a check to yourself for the amount that you want to make and adding it to your vision board. This is just another way to proclaim to the world that these things will ultimately be yours someday.

Also keep in mind that creating a vision board doesn’t have to be an independent project. It can be a very fun family and friends activity, as well. After all, energy can multiply, so the more people you involve the better. In any event, you will be surprised to see just how quickly life will bring these things to you when using a vision board.

Just remember that the success of a such a board hinges on your doing all you can to manifest the experience; this is where the magic happens. So tour a home you love, sit on the beach and pretend you’re in your private property and test drive your dream car. It’s okay if you’re uncomfortable or nervous at first—remember that if you’re truly looking to recreate your life you will likely have to do something that you’ve never done before, so embrace the feeling of trying something new!

Stay tuned: Part 4 of this series is up next, where I will discuss the role of surrounding yourself with positive influences.