Jamaica: A Whole ‘Notha Level, Mon!

20170621_162851_HDR  By VP of Leadership Development Charla Gervers

Jamaica—WOW! What a trip! 

The amenities. The beach volleyball. The Pool Olympics. The waves crashing on the shore. The sunsets (oh, the sunsets!). Not to mention the spa and dining (I can still taste that jerk chicken). There were so many beautiful and amazing things about this Jamaica trip that made it unforgettable.

But, there is one thing that stands out to me more than the others—our people! I continue to be amazed by the people that make up Generation V. The heartfelt sharing in one-on-ones and in small groups, each person’s passionate WHY, and the memories we got to make together…these things are what made this trip exceptional.

Let me tell you exactly why:

1) We were able to share special moments that typically only belong to families!

  • Celebrating Chris and Delia Magno’s 29th wedding anniversary late Saturday night into Sunday morning as the happy couple danced around the pool to us cheering them on.
  • Berel and Fairy Gelbstein experiencing their first kid-free vacation in two decades! Having six kids over the course of 14 years sure made them a couple of deserving parents.
  • Plus, Berel’s brother, Shua, joined in as well. And, well, you know how brothers always give each other a hard time—let’s just say it was fair game all week! What a great blessing to share this trip with these brothers and their wives.

20170622_1130182) We welcomed a record number of first-time trip earners to Jamaica, which really took the culture to a whole new level of fun! Of all of the attendees, only seven were veterans, meaning they were greatly outnumbered. Typically, first-timers are a bit more timid—not this group! They immediately dove in to the action, making memories, cleaning the beach during the sustainability event, and connecting with everyone on a personal level.

And, because we had so many first-timers, we did something we’ve never done before. On Friday, instead of doing an excursion, we had a Power Hour business meeting where we explored topics they wanted to review. Paul and I provided a deep dive into the 6-week old binary comp plan, and what was planned for one hour lasted for over two! The questions and the excitement continued on the beach and at the chicken shack—strategy was everywhere on this trip. Everyone is laser focused on growing a business that will give him or her the lifestyle they want. I’m so excited about this next generation of Gen V’ers who earned this trip and are now leading the way for their teams!

3) Our final night in paradise was filled with incredible surprises! Paul had said that he was going to do something special on his first trip with Viridian, and boy did he deliver! Now, in all fairness, I knew there would be cash prizes going into Saturday night, and I kept dropping hints: “You won’t want to miss the final night,” “Be sure you’re there on Saturday”, etc. Saturday night rolled around, Claudia and Sorba had all the names in the hat, and we were ready to go.Wedding Photography

But, Paul had something up his sleeve. Instead of the fifth and final drawing being for another $1,000 (yes, he gave four people before that $1,000 each—Tony Giamo, Celia Blake, Joseph Azar and Jennifer Azar), Paul decided to give away (drumroll, please) $10,000! Yeah, I meant to add that extra zero—$10,000! My heart is racing again just now thinking about it—I was just as surprised as everyone else.

When the name was drawn, I think I jumped three feet in the air out of my seat to turn and see the faces of Berel and Faigy Gelbstein! The whole room was standing and applauding for them, and they were just sitting, in shock, not realizing that it was real.

Berel said on the Power Call this past Monday, “I kept saying my name in my head and when I heard Paul say my name, I just thought it was my own voice. I didn’t realize it was really his calling my name!” What a night to remember! We concluded the evening with music around the piano, singing some of our favorite classic rock tunes.

Needless to say, everyone was thrilled with the outcome and cannot wait for the next trip—and I can’t wait to announce it! In fact, I asked many of the attendees where they thought we should go next, and the suggestions were inspiring.

The beaches of the world are calling our name, and we plan to answer. I hope to see you there as we keep #LivingtheVLife around the globe!

Stay tuned for more…