It’s Time to Get Excited about Network Marketing Again


Think back to when you first began your business with Viridian. Maybe it was a few months ago, a year ago or a few years ago. You were excited about network marketing and about Viridian. You were red hot, much like the New York Yankees in midseason. You envisioned turning your business into a powerhouse. Nothing could stop you.

But for some of you, your business followed the Yankees trajectory this year: It fizzled out and went cold as you hit a period of unexpected stagnation. Maybe you didn’t quite reach the rank you were aiming for, or you got there but slipped backward. Doubt crept in and you found yourself asking, “Am I really right for this business?”

If you’ve felt this way, you are NOT alone. It can be a common path for even the most successful Associate: Many of us burst onto the network marketing scene, acquire customers, and then hit a wall. What happens when you stop acquiring new customers in a growth-oriented business like network marketing? You lose motivation, and eventually your bottom line takes a hit. Many people spin their wheels for long periods of time without seeing any personal growth.

Network marketing is a rapidly growing industry – it reached $35 billion in revenue last year – but it can still be tough to see that growth in your own business, or to feel motivated to build.

Enter Viridian 2.0 – a simple, straightforward way to create value for customers and Associates.  With vast improvements to our technology and tools, as well as innovative products, you have everything you need to reinvigorate yourself.

And if you’re looking for a roadmap, our new Jump-Start brochure will help get you back on track. In past blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of revisiting your why and showing the opportunity to everyone you meet.  Our Jump-Start brochure reinforces that.

For those of you who have never experienced the stagnation I mentioned, congratulations! You’ve definitely got what it takes to build a thriving network marketing business, and your steady growth will be even more rewarded with our generous new industry-leading compensation plan. Now, look around you and see if there are members of your team who could use your words of encouragement.   Are they getting their revolution bonuses? Did they sign their own house up? Are they putting in the required efforts to succeed?  We’re a network, and your team needs your support!

It’s the support from your mentors that can truly change someone’s life around.  When Viridian came along, Joe O. and I were both hanging by a thread.  I was dipping into my credit line just to pay my bills, and not to mention, was on the verge of losing my house.  We did not think that success was just around the corner – but it was.

It’s time to get excited again! Energy deregulation is the strongest contributor to growth in the services sector – and we are confident that Viridian 2.0 will only maximize the growth you see in your personal business.  Put all of your energy into connecting with your warm market and growing your business. Nobody will do this part for you.

The only question now is: How high will you climb?