Grow Your Business in 2015 by Promoting Fixed and Avoiding Negativity

Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut have announced that they will be raising their rates in 2015. While this is bad news for the average homeowner, it’s great news for Viridian Associates.

In a lot of markets where we’ve been stagnant, we may now see a lot of growth. These states in particular may explode next year with others to follow. With those utility rates rising, our value proposition as an affordable green energy provider becomes that much stronger.

Viridian has done its homework, and corporate knows exactly what’s going on in the market. With rates skyrocketing, the 3DOM rate plan—where customers can lock in to a fixed rate for three years instead of worrying about fluctuating bills—becomes that much more attractive.

3DOM is Viridian’s answer to the current utility rate increases. If you’ve been in the business for awhile, it’s time to get people in your downteam to start selling 3DOM, emphasizing the three-year fixed rate to both new and existing customers. Make sure that customers know that they will receive price certainty by choosing Viridian and locking in their rate.

To be successful in 2015, Associates need to stop listening to all of the negative people in their lives. And start focusing on their real goals instead.

Believe it or not, tons of folks stop believing they can succeed simply because negative people in their lives continue to tell them that’s the case. So it’s time to start spending more time with Viridian people. It’s time to start hanging out with like minded people and absorb more of the Viridian culture. You’re certain to be inspired by attending events like PowerUP!, leadership retreats and local meetings.

Finally, it’s important to hold yourself accountable. Make goals and commit to them. If you commit to yourself that you’re going to show the program five times a week and only show it once, you’re just cheating yourself. Remember, it’s not like you can simply join a gym and expect results without putting in the effort.

Viridian’s been around for five years, and we’ve proven we mean business. And because the company is always on the cutting-edge in terms of product offerings, we’ll be around for years and years and years to come. And the future is brighter than it’s ever been. It’s time for you to start believing in yourself and make your dreams come true.