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Associate Spotlight September 2010

Just two months ago, George Schiaffino had 42 associates on his team—not bad at all. Sixty days later, his customer count reached 1500. “If you do the opposite of what the masses do, you’ll probably win,” Schiaffino explained.

Schiaffino speaks with remarkable confidence, almost as if he knows something you don’t. And maybe he does. No stranger to blazing his own trails, Schiaffino started his own real estate company, Execuhome. In the depths of the recession, his business has grown from one agent, to 450 agents in seven different locations. While other agencies were closing their doors, he was opening up shop.

Schiaffino first heard of Viridian when one of his agents personally presented the benefits Viridian has to offer. Despite the fact he was already operating a successful business of his own, Schiaffino went to work, expanding his Viridian business immediately. He found it so easy to do—he could run both his real estate business and his Viridian business at the same time.

“The economy is set up properly for Viridian,” Schiaffino said. “Viridian is a unique model, and the leadership is incredibly supportive. All the right elements are in place.”

Schiaffino attributes his rapid growth to his strong support system, a solid team and a superior product. He is extremely hands on, and devotes a large part of his day speaking with people on the phone. In addition, he schedules two to three meetings a day for in­person training. A self­-described “dinosaur” when it comes to computers, Schiaffino emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships.

“It’s essential to join, and then build, the right team,” Schiaffino said. Speaking of his own team he added, “I am building a mighty forest—one tree at a time.”

Although he spends the majority of his time building his business, Schiaffino loves helping others become financially free. He recognizes Viridian as, “the ultimate stimulus package for folks who want to generate a recession­proof income.”

He firmly believes it can be a good fit for just about anyone.

“We have an associate who cares for an ill­relative at home,” Schiaffino said. “Viridian provided a business opportunity that is really helping this individual.”

Providing opportunities is what drives Schiaffino to get out bed every day. “It isn’t work,” he said. “You don’t even look at the hours when you are doing something you’re passionate about.”