Joe O -- Get to Work in 2015: You May Never Have This Opportunity Again

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already closed the chapter on 2014.

Last year started out a little challenging for most retail energy companies. Believe it or not, the polar vortex, coupled with a crazy spike in energy rates, forced some energy companies to close their doors. But due to the great leadership and management at the corporate office, Viridian continued to thrive and even came out with great product improvements, such as 3DOM and Clean & Simple Solar, that’s sure to position us strongly in the future.

In fact, we’re well poised to really vault our business to new highs in 2015. Utility companies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut are all significantly raising their rates. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this price increase will aggravate countless homeowners—giving Viridian Associates a chance to make serious headway with products offering greater price stability.

Energy hikes have happened in New England, and we expect them to happen across the Viridian footprint. As such, we’re well positioned to build lots of momentum this year. Over the course of the next six to 18 months, Viridian is going to more than double in size. And for those who are paying attention, that growth will be life changing.

If your market isn’t hot right now, don’t sweat it. Keep trudging forward because you might get good news in your backyard sooner than you think. And when that happens, you need to be well positioned to build even greater momentum right away.

More and more Associates are seeing Viridian as an actual career—not a part-time hobby. Maybe it’s time for you to start looking in the same direction. The more you push yourself toward becoming a true professional network marketer, the easier it will be for you to expand your business and make it to the rank of Ambassador. And you can take my word for it: It’s a truly life-changing experience.

The opportunity to grow with Viridian has never been better. So make sure you go out and tap people on the shoulder, explaining that network marketing and Viridian may offer a better way for you and your family to achieve a better financial situation—and more free time. If you’re new to the business and haven’t seen much success on your own quite yet, just keep telling the stories of the dozens of people who already have.

Even if you’ve been in the business for three years and are getting a bit discouraged, that’s totally understandable and it’s totally fine. In my opinion, though, the beginning of a year is a great time to get rejuvenated and take a fresh look at things. My team acquired over 100,000 Customers during my first 18 months at Viridian. In other words, record-breaking numbers are possible.

Today, it’s a whole lot easier to reach that milestone than it was four years ago. We now have the success stories. We have proven models. We have a dozen people out there making life changing income. There’s never been a more opportune time to grow your Viridian business.

If you weren’t paying attention last year or life got in the way, it’s understandable. But this is a new year, and there really aren’t any excuses for you to neglect growing your business.

Come on and join me. I’ve created a great lifestyle by working my business.. And I want you to have what I have.

So make sure you move into 2015 with the right mindset. I believe the opportunity you have right now may not exist ever again. With the right level of commitment and the right amount of hard work, you will succeed.