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Jackie Aguilar - Generation W

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In the network marketing world, women are in the majority – and their numbers are growing at an exponential rate. The Direct Selling Association (DSA) reports that over 74% of network marketers are female.

But women aren’t as well represented in leadership roles, and one new and promising member of Generation V is hoping she can help change that.

Jackie Aguilar is a Texas Gold Founder AND a Silver Founder, and she’s helping to forge the way in the Lone Star State.

“Life is what you make of it,” Jackie explains. “You can sit there and dwell on past or present, or you can take advantage when someone offers you this opportunity. Taking this step with Viridian changed my life. I am thankful for this company every day.”

A devoted single mother of four, Jackie will be the first to tell you that finding quality time to spend with her children has always been a struggle.  Traditional career paths forced her to give up time at home. When she learned about Viridian, Jackie had actively been looking for the right opportunity that would make flexibility a reality and still present a chance to build her own business.

Jackie has already stepped up to the plate, building an expansive team and earning a spot to travel to Peru as part of Viridian’s Amazon Preservation Project in just three short months.  But her long-term goal is to get others, especially women and single parents, to realize the benefits of the Viridian opportunity.

“This is an enormous opportunity and I truly believe anyone can do this,” Jackie says.

It’s her upbringing and selfless nature that made Jackie who she is today – and push her to be a better parent, grandmother, role model and Viridian leader, especially for women who are struggling to make ends meet in traditional careers.  Growing up the child of a single mother, Jackie is no stranger to the hard work that is needed to keep a family afloat.  At the young age of 12, Jackie woke up at dawn six days a week to work, just to pay for her school clothes.

Jackie believes that women naturally make great leaders and great network marketers because they are generally good communicators, have empathy for others and can see others’ perspectives. But Jackie takes those innate traits and runs with them: Her motivation and her ability to build long-lasting relationships are key drivers in her success.

Jackie stresses that great leaders, male or female, stay in constant touch with their teams.  “Keep that communication open,” she says. “Some people in this business get discouraged, but it is up to us as leaders to keep them motivated.”

And in a true example of Southern hospitality, Jackie is always open to helping others learn the ropes of the business, whether they are personally sponsored by her or not. “I tell people to call me anytime,” she says.

Being part of the Viridian movement is about much more than starting and growing a business.  Jackie was drawn to Viridian’s mission and vision as a sustainable company that helps others in need.  “This really hit home for me,” she says.

In all of Jackie’s business experience – network marketing or not – she says that she has never felt the bond and connection that she feels at Viridian.

“I knew this is where I needed to be. You really become a part of something with Viridian.”

Move over, Mary Kay.