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RFP Spotlight January 2013
When Tom Braddock realized that his church’s efforts to raise money via bake sales and rummage sales were somewhat futile, he knew it was time to introduce an additional way for the church to collect funds.

“When I brought the Residual Fundraising Program (RFP) to my church, the members quickly realized that they could continually receive a residual income month after month for doing something one time—signing up with Viridian,” the New Jersey Associate said. “In addition to the Viridian opportunity being a no­brainer, the RFP is an incredibly wonderful opportunity for nonprofits to bring in passive, residual income without asking members for any kind of money.”

With help from his downteam, Braddock has helped many nonprofits and religious institutions sign up with Viridian’s Residual Fundraising Program, and he is constantly spreading the word about this innovative way for organizations to raise funds and earn truly sustainable income with Viridian.

Braddock first learned of the Viridian opportunity for both individuals and nonprofit organizations in November 2011 and something immediately clicked, he said. A friend who had been very successful in the telecommunications industry reached out to the now Senior Director and explained that, as in the telecommunications space, the energy industry is now deregulated—and the potential is there to be very successful in the industry.

“I thought about it, I watched the Viridian video and then I had one question,” he said. “I asked, ‘So you are telling me I can save people money, help them go green and make money doing it?’ He said, ‘Absolutely.’ I knew then this was a no­brainer.”

The assistant principal immediately signed up and, with some help from upteam coaches such as Jerry Kersh and John Pyonteck, he quickly learned how to grow his Viridian business. Braddock has quickly moved up the Viridian ranks—most recently becoming Senior Director—and even more recently he showed his continued commitment to leadership by joining the RFP Task Force.
The task force, made up of a dozen leading Associates, is dedicated to strengthening the fundraising program and determining best practices to help every RFP Associate be successful.

“I think so many nonprofits, schools and religious institutions are trying to hustle and raise money and everything they are doing takes time and energy,” Braddock said. “What is awesome about our program is that it’s something you do once. You are not asking any of your members for money and it’s something you are going to get paid on month after month. It’s a win­win­win: a win for customers, the environment and nonprofit organizations.”