Frank Marone: No Matter Your Rank, There’s Always More to Learn in Network Marketing

Frank Marone Blog
I think there’s this big misconception in network marketing that as you start to advance in rank, and head towards the pinnacle of your career, you no longer fumble or make mistakes. But there will always be hard work ahead of you and what appear to be setbacks—like an unearned bonus or a missed rank advancement.

Take Joe and me. Viridian just ran a promotion to earn a trip to Bermuda and we did not win. Here we are the top guys in the company and we happened to not win this one. And that’s OK and certainly not a result of a lack of effort. With the parameters the way they were, we didn’t achieve a goal.

So do you quit if you don’t earn an incentive trip or reach a goal? Do you bow out if you are having trouble getting to your next rank advancement? Absolutely not. Instead you say, “I’ll win the next promotion” or you realize that even attempting to earn the incentive enabled you to bring in 100 new customers that you probably wouldn’t have gotten if you weren’t committed to that goal. You have to celebrate any progress you make in your business.

It all comes back to goal setting and being coachable in this line of business. No matter what level or rank you are at, you have to set goals and be open to learning new strategies and tactics. For Joe and me, our goal is to make a million dollars a month. This goal is actually written on a piece of paper in my pocket. Since I am clear on my objective, I will never stop pursuing it. For instance, if someone who is taking this business seriously needs help with a three-way call, I will do it whenever I am available.

In our business, we have to be committed to helping other people because the only way we build our organization and reach our goals is to help others reach THEIR goals. If you can get to the point where you have a few thousand customers in your organization, quitting will never be an option. A big goal for everyone is to find leadership in their business so that everyone can get to that level. Because if you have leaders with 3,000 to 5,000 organizational customers, that means you probably have 25,000-30,000 customers in your organization. And this solidifies your business forever. The more leaders the more secure your future will be.

So understand that everyone—no matter their rank—stumbles along the way and has to keep working hard and learning something new. It’s OK to not win every incentive or to miss a rank advancement. Just refocus, reset your goals and set your eyes on the next victory because there is no better business out there.