Frank Marone: The One Mistake We See Over and Over—Too Much Talking

Frank Marone Blog April
Something we’ve continually seen over the years is that a newcomer will be shown the Viridian business opportunity for the first time and will not be able to sleep at night because he or she is so excited. This individual—who never realized this opportunity was available or that a company like ours existed—suddenly sees the potential and gets enthused. And that’s great.

But what often happens next is that because they get so energized, they leave the meeting with all that unbridled excitement and try to hit the ground running, without following the proven Viridian Duplic8 model. Not following the model puts them on an ineffective path right away.

The most important thing we tell new Associates is not to leave an opportunity meeting after enrolling and rush to talk to prospects about what they’ve just seen and heard. Instead, wait to let the information sink in and fully understand what you are doing before you speak to anyone. Because here’s what will happen: You are not going to be able to explain what you just saw properly. It’s like going to see a movie and trying to explain the movie to someone who wasn’t there. It’s not the same. The person you are talking to won’t have the same feelings and emotions about this business opportunity from listening to you as you had after watching the presentation.

So part of our system is to not jump the gun. AFTER being trained on the Duplic8 system all you need to do is set up an appointment with someone to watch the video. That’s all; you are not presenting the business to them.

The biggest mistake that people make—and it happens every single day—is that they talk too much. One of our Duplic8 steps is to contact someone on your prospect list and invite them to see the business. But instead, new Associates will contact the prospect and present the business on the phone or in person, and that’s not how we do it. This approach will not work and you will end up quitting before you even get started.

You have to listen and be coachable. A lot of people tend to think they know more because they’ve been in business for decades. They say, “Don’t tell me how to market. I’ve been in marketing for 20 years. I have a better way” But Viridian, and this industry, is different than a traditional business. You can’t treat it like something you have done before. So follow the model and set yourself on the path toward success.