Frank Marone - The Importance of Revisiting Your ‘Why’

Frank Marone Blog
In network marketing, we talk a lot about the importance of having a compelling “why”—or a reason for following this professional pursuit. Maybe it’s to save enough money to retire early. Or it could be to enjoy better work/life balance.

Whatever your why is, it’s important to revisit it from time to time as your goals will change over time.

For example, if your why was originally to make enough money in this industry to send your kids to college—and you develop yourself in this business, do well and are able to pay their way through school without leaving them with any debt—it is time to choose a new why. You have to always revisit why you are in this business and keep looking at your goals. As you achieve success, you will reach your preliminary goals so you have to reset them. Determining your why is not a one-time event. Rather, you have to go back and look at it again.

Take a look at me for example. I joined this business a few years ago because I had kids who I wanted to send to college and I didn’t have the money for this. I was also in a business that was heading backwards due to the economy. In fact, I was on the verge of bankruptcy and needed this to work more than anybody. My why at the time was just to maintain my family the way it was and get my kids through college. Since then, my why has changed considerably. Now, I focus on growing my business to help others enjoy the financial freedom I have reached. I am more focused on giving back. Right now I am working to have 400,000 customers in my organization because achieving that will mean others have reached their financial goals as well.

When determining your why and your goals, don’t choose things that are easily achievable. For example, if you write down that you want to become a Director in two years—or enroll 250 customers in two years—that will be something you can achieve almost blindly. It’s not a great goal in that regard because there’s no reason to go above and beyond as you can probably get there with little effort.

So set your goals higher. When setting your objectives, dream bigger. Imagine what a perfect life would look like. For example, do you want to make $50,000 every month and drive a car you always dreamed of? Do you want to vacation regularly at your home on the Jersey shore or in Florida? Whatever your dreams are write them down because you need to look at them constantly and drive towards them.

If everyone in this business had a really strong why, nobody would ever quit. There would be no attrition at all in the business.

It’s amazing how many people actually miss the step of coming up with their why. In addition, people tend to think their why is solely based on money and it’s not. In fact, your why should never be about money. Everyone wants to make more money but why do you want to make more money? What will having that extra income do for your family? What will it give you that you don’t have today?

So… is it time to revisit your why?