Frank Marone - PowerUP! Is Around the Corner; Better Grab Your Spot!

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By now, you’ve hopefully heard about Viridian’s PowerUP! event, our annual convention designed to re-ignite your desire to bring your business to new levels; you’ve hopefully attended one or two as well.

This year’s PowerUP! takes place from Sept. 11-13 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, and I want to take a moment to explain why you need to be there. PowerUP is a great event, not a bare bones one-day gathering. Rather, it’s about bringing together a group of likeminded people for a few days to inspire one another to grow their organization.

There is no better opportunity than PowerUP to surround yourself with others looking to expand their network marketing businesses. You also are presented with the chance to rub elbows with the top leaders within this organization to pick their brains about their success.

The truth is we need to spend more time with likeminded folks who live and breathe network marketing. Sure we can spend time with other business professionals who participate in the 9-to-5 office grind and derive inspiration from them, but they won’t totally get what your network marketing business is all about. They won’t know how to give you the actionable business tips that you need to grow your business.

PowerUP brings together the best of the best in this business, along with everyone else who is working their way up in this line of work, in one room. It gives participants the chance to socialize with people they might not see as often, trade proven tips and really get motivated.

Associates who attend PowerUP come back with a whole new frame of mind. There is no way you can attend this weekend convention and NOT feel super excited about what you are doing and where you are headed.

So get your ticket—and spot reserved—to PowerUP! and position yourself to be around the right people to exchange quality ideas and spend ample time building relationships with those you don’t typically see. PowerUP is not just your average event. There is a really special buzz and energy in the air; honestly sometimes when I am sitting in the crowd during the Ampy Awards ceremony—in which we celebrate Associate wins over the year—I feel like I could be sitting at the Oscars or the Grammies.

PowerUP often feels like a who’s who with regards to Viridian and because of that, you won’t want to miss it! You don’t want to have that feeling of having missed something great. Every year, the show seems to be taken up a notch and that’s because as a company, Viridian keeps growing and developing even more. The production of PowerUP constantly impresses me. The stage seems to get bigger and bigger, the videos are more impressive and the speakers even more compelling than the year before.

It’s hard to attend PowerUP and not feel inspired about this career opportunity. I can assure you that if you attend this year’s convention, you will have the motivation, best practices and skill sets to make some incredible progress in the eight months following the event.

So… will I see you there?