Frank Marone - Dealing With the Inevitable: Members of Your Downteam Who Will Quit

Frank Marone Quitters Blog
Let’s be honest, in the direct selling business, no matter how many new Associates you enroll in your organization, some will not be cut out for this model and they will quit.

Every day, people sign up their friends and family members to become Associates, anticipating that they will be go-getters like they are. But then suddenly, three or four weeks into their direct selling pursuit, they stop pounding the pavement. These newest recruits stop showing the program, stop reaching out to their warm market and basically check out.

That’s why you have to show this business to as many people as you can. You may bring 100 people in and only get 15 or 20 people who will work out—and, trust me, if you can find even 15 to 20 out of that 100, you are a superstar. To bring three to four people in and expect all of them to do well just doesn’t happen.

You can never have enough people on your team, especially since 80 percent of your team members will do little to advance their career. Many of these people won’t even sign up their own household for Viridian’s affordable energy! So keep reaching out to new recruits; show the program over and over again; and keep inviting people to talk with you. Don’t stop just because you enrolled six new people this month.

So how do you find the powerhouses in this industry? The individuals on your team who will quickly advance in rank and grow your organization? I always say, “Spend some time reeling in folks who are really busy and already successful.” Those are the ones who will be successful at Viridian as well. Then you can start showing the plan to everyone else on your list because the reality is that ANYONE can make this work if they truly want it bad enough.

In this business, we tend to find that if you are good at what you do—that is, in the top 10 percent of your industry—then when you get to Viridian, you tend to be very successful. So go after these people. They have the desire to win and be the best and that’s what we all need to strive for.

That’s why you need entrepreneurs and business owners. They know what it takes to be successful. They are not home watching TV every night. They are networkers. They have credibility with other people, and not having credibility with others is the main reason people fail at this business as they aren’t taken seriously.

What’s more, business owners will find network marketing appealing, especially since it provides them the opportunity to earn supplemental income without having the aggravation of overhead and employee management. Being in the title insurance business with Joe for a number of years, we found that the overhead is what killed us. As the market goes up and down, we didn’t know what to expect each month, so it was risky. Consequently, when business owners are presented with the opportunity to make recurring income, they will often jump at it.

While there is much success to be had in network marketing, it’s certainly not a cakewalk. You can’t enroll 10 people over night and start making millions of dollars. Instead, you have to be willing to put in the time and have patience. You have to commit and understand that you need to keep at this profession day in and day out. Even at the level Joe and I have reached, we are still ALWAYS looking for people to bring into this business and members of our downteam to coach and mentor.

I say this quite a bit to fellow Associates but maybe it will help you stay the course: Remember that it’s easier to have a baby than to try and raise the dead. So stop wasting your time on the unmotivated in your organization. Better to bring in new people and mentor them instead of chasing those who have already quit.