Frank Marone - Bermuda Incentive Trip: Achievable for Everyone

It may seem like a long time from now until April 30—the deadline to earn your spot in Bermuda for our next incentive trip. But we all know how fast the weeks can fly by. So the purpose of my blog today is simple: start pounding the pavement if you plan on joining us in sunny Bermuda in June.

The truth is that a lot of Associates are really close to winning this trip and it can be done in a short period of time. We’ve seen people rank up to Director quickly. Whether you signed up in this business two days ago or two years ago, you can get to be a Director, a Lead Director or whatever rank you are shooting for if you put in the hard work.

It’s just a matter of asking yourself the following question: Do you want it bad enough?

In this business, all too often we see people set a short-term goal, like winning an incentive trip, and then not fully committing to make the effort required to achieve that goal—which is the really important part. People tend to think things will just happen. A lot of Associates will say, “I want to be on the Bermuda trip with the top people in the company and that’s my top goal.” That’s great, but what are you doing to get there? We talk about goals all the time—writing them down and making them actionable—but you can’t forget to commit.

If you are in this business you understand how it works. Often, you have to show the opportunity to 20 prospects to get three or four solid people. Knowing that, you can’t wait until the second week of April to start showing the program if you plan on being in Bermuda. Instead, you have to show it 10 times each week to get your spot saved.

So as we inch closer to the deadline take a look at yourself in the mirror, hold yourself accountable and determine if you’re really committed to this short-term goal. This business is all about accountability. In fact, to stay the course we suggest getting yourself an accountability partner, or someone who will stay on you to make sure you are working toward your goals. It’s kind of like the gym buddy who agrees to meet you every day at 7:30 pm for a killer workout; he or she holds you accountable for choosing a healthy lifestyle. If you have someone else there supporting you and checking in on you, it’s hard to not show up.

To find your partner, look to an upteam leader. For instance, I’ll work with a new Associate and have him send me his goals and commitments. Then, if I don’t get routine phone calls from him asking me to join him on a three-way call with prospects, I know he is not showing the business. Or, if he is, he is doing it the wrong way because we insist on using the three-way phone call.

You can also lean on your accountability partner to go over your goals to assess if they are realistic and attainable. For instance, review your Bermuda goals with this partner to see if your course of action for winning your trip makes sense. Communicate with this individual daily and give him or her routine updates on how you are doing.

To be honest, the best part of winning a free trip to Bermuda has nothing to do with the fact that you win an exotic vacation. It’s so much more than that. It’s about having an opportunity to truly feel the Viridian culture by surrounding yourself with likeminded people who are committed to helping one another and supporting each other 24/7. The reason people should want to be on this trip is to be surrounded by the top leaders in Viridian— people who have reached substantial levels of success— people who can reinvigorate those around them and have a belief level that is off the charts. These are the people you need to be around, not the naysayer friends who will try to steer you in the wrong direction.

So… will we see you in Bermuda?


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Photos above from Aruba Incentive Trip 2014