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Associate Spotlight December 2012
It’s no small feat to reach the critical Director rank during the challenge promotion after a market goes live, but reaching it before the market goes live is truly phenomenal. But that’s exactly what Pete Lizarzaburu did.

The Delaware Associate and former professional jockey first heard about Viridian from Executive Director John Zoller in April 2010, and he has quickly grown his Viridian organization through his determination and perseverance. He says it has been easy to keep his head in the game because Viridian’s mission resonated with him from day one.

“I realized that this is a great opportunity to spread the word and to remind people that they have the right to choose their supplier based on rate and green values.”

Delaware was not yet live when Lizarzaburu enrolled, but he hit the ground running by enrolling as a Maryland Associate and doing everything he could to build his organization even though his own home state had not yet launched.

And as Delaware’s launch approached, Lizarzaburu was able to really dig deep and talk to prospects.
He attributes his quick success to being able to leverage connections formed during his 20 years as a jockey. His relationships from the racing world combined with his recent experience at a nonprofit organization called the Delaware Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association allowed him to expand his warm market substantially.

“I enjoy offering people things that will be helpful for them and that they would benefit by and that is what you are able to do with Viridian,” he said. “I am informing people of something that is going to be helpful for them, that can benefit the environment and that can also help me and them earn a residual income from it.”

But contacts weren’t the only thing that drove Lizarzaburu to success. The other key was focus. He kept focused on earning each of his Fast Start Bonuses, found time to consult frequently with Zoller, made it a point to attend countless corporate events and became involved in the Mid­Atlantic pre­ launch events to stay plugged in.

“I thought, I will take it a step at a time and just worry about getting my customers and helping my Associates get their customers,” he said. “Pretty soon, I was close to the Director rank. To be honest, my journey has surprised me because I had no business experience in the traditional sense. The horse business is quite different from any traditional businesses. But, in everything you do you have to look for ways to reinvent yourself and I did that.”

In addition to finding a way to reinvent yourself, Lizarzaburu suggests to “be relentless from the start.” Immediately begin contacting people in your sphere of influence, ask for referrals, be excited about the opportunity and let people know you are serious about your business.

Moreover, it’s important to remind prospects that you are not asking them to lend you money or risk their capital on a new business venture; rather, you are asking them to support your dreams.

“Don’t get discouraged,” Lizarzaburu said. “There are people that are going to get it and others that won’t get it no matter what you say. Don’t waste too much time over the people that don’t get it because there are plenty of people who will get it.”