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Associate Spotlight March 2012 

Sometimes all you need for your life to take a dramatic turn is a simple phone call. That’s what happened to former New York banker and Viridian Director Anthony Ramella in October 2010, when a colleague he’d done business with a decade earlier called and asked him if he had looked into deregulation.

“I did look into energy deregulation, liked what I saw, and joined Viridian,” Ramella recalled. “I went all in.”

Under the tutelage of his mentors, including leaders like Senior Director Scott Friedman, Ramella quickly learned the ropes and began growing his network, reaching Director rank in only seven months. He also credits the invaluable guidance he received from Ambassador Bob Quintana in those early days.

“I compare having Bob’s expertise available to having access to motivational speaker Tony Robbins, but it was free,” Ramella said. “Every time Bob made an appearance somewhere, I made an effort to be there and hear what he had to say.”

For Ramella, the Viridian proposition was clear and gave him a strong impetus to reach for his dreams; his “Why” is what keeps him going today.

“I have a simple goal,” he said. “I don’t like the cold, so my ‘Why’ is to never have to wear a winter coat again. I intend to eventually trade it in for swim trunks all year ‘round.”

Ramella also likes the independence Viridian provides. He noted that in his former career—as with many other corporate positions—when you work for someone else, you give them the power to tell you what you’re worth. “With Viridian, you can define your own worth,” he noted.

While the obvious financial benefits of being a Viridian Associate are appealing and appreciated, Ramella also likes the wide­ranging support he receives from the top down, crediting a large part of his success to the availability of the corporate team.

“I really like the fact that the company leadership is so accessible, and that I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with Michael Fallquist about his vision for the company,” he said. “I also appreciate that [executives] Meredith Berkich and Bob Ulrich have extensive experience in this business, and have always been there for me when I’ve had a question or concern.”

Ramella contrasted that access to any other company in corporate America. “Imagine what you’d have to go through to speak with the CEO or a VP anywhere else,” he said. “That’s never a problem with Viridian, where there’s a true open­door policy and always someone behind that door willing to speak with you.”

Having already moved up in rank and qualified for the incentive trips to Punta Cana and Cancun, Ramella intends to keep striving higher.

“My goal is to achieve Ambassador rank,” he said. “I’m shooting to hit that within the next three years, and I believe I will. Not everyone out there is going to get a beach chair, but I’ll achieve mine.”