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Associate Spotlight June 2012
One of the best parts of the Viridian opportunity is that you can tailor your hours to your particular lifestyle, calling on potential clients and setting up meetings when it works for you.

That’s been the experience of New Jersey Senior Director Doug Borden, who came over to Viridian shortly after enrolling with another energy provider

“I’d gotten a call from an energy company to switch over to them and, not knowing any better, did so,” Borden said. “It was just a few days later that my neighbor, Associate Steven Turi, told me of the Viridian opportunity, explaining that I could not only utilize green energy for my power needs, but that I could also make some money by enrolling myself as an Associate with the company.”

As a widowed father of four, Borden was looking for an income opportunity where he could still be available for his kids as needed.

“After Steve explained the company to me, I sat down and started watching the informational Viridian videos for three days straight,” Borden said. “I called him and said ‘I’ve been watching the videos, and I have to do this.’”

Borden jumped in back in October 2010, and has been on an upward path ever since. Under the tutelage of his mentors—Ambassador Bob Quintana and Executive Director Herb Palmer—he reached Director rank in December 2011, and then Senior Director this past April. Borden now has 1,800 customers in his organization.

While it hasn’t been an easy journey, Borden credits the company with taking steps to help his efforts pay off.

“I came strong out of the gate, then my business stalled for six months,” he admitted. “But things got easier once I got ahold of the Duplic8 System as part of the Business Builder Kit.”

Borden also said that attending company events has been a big help in keeping him motivated and moving forward.

“The turning point for me was attending PowerUP! last September and seeing how the Duplic8 System could work for me. My whole team came away from the convention with more fire in their belly.”

Borden has set big goals for himself: He intends to reach Partner rank by year’s end, and has good reasons for doing so.

“I have four ‘Whys’ that keep me motivated,” he said. “My ninth­grade son, and my eighth­, seventh­ and fifth­grade daughters. Viridian is the vehicle that fits my lifestyle. I can fit my work around my kids’ lives, and that’s of ultimate importance to me.”

If his past success is any indication, it appears Doug Borden will indeed make Partner long before that ball drops on New Year’s Eve.