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Associate Spotlight February 2013
Leah and Jeff Campbell were no strangers to the direct selling model before they discovered Viridian. In fact, Leah had been dabbling in network marketing companies for years—from Lia Sophia to Vault Denim to Thirty One Purses. But it wasn’t until last summer that the Campbells finally found their home in the direct selling space—and that home was Viridian.

“I had some experience with direct sales but after a few months with each company, I knew these organizations weren’t worth our time for the pay,” Leah said. “That’s what we liked about Viridian—the residual income aspect. Hopefully, someday, we will be able to sit on the beach and still earn income. Viridian was a different type of network marketing company than we had been exposed to in the past, and something about the company grabbed us right away.”

Last summer, the couple were approached by their Realtor about the Viridian opportunity. Just halfway through watching the “Show the Program” video, they looked at one another and said, “Let’s do this.”

At first, the two signed up predominantly to make a little extra spending cash. But in just six months they have realized the extraordinary potential that exists to grow their business. By this spring, the Illinois couple, which is currently at the rank of Executive Associate, hopes to rank up to Director. To make that happen more quickly, Leah—an American Airlines flight attendant—has decided to resign from the company in June and focus fulltime on the Viridian business and cosmetology school.

The Campbells, who have a 6yearold daughter and 4yearold
son, have advice for other Associates who are trying to balance fulltime jobs with their Viridian business and parenting: There is still enough time in the day to grow your organization.

“It is still feasible no matter your time schedule,” Leah said. “So many people say they don’t have the time and I am seriously the busiest person I know, but I still find time to fit it in. Viridian is a business that you can do anywhere—just start talking to people you know.”

Since joining Viridian, the couple have already experienced personal and professional growth, particularly when it comes to leadership.

“It has become substantially easier to talk to people about the opportunity,” Jeff said. “And with our improved leadership skills, we know it is possible to earn the trip to Colorado in June. When we went to the Leadership Retreat in early January, we gained a lot of exciting insight into the possibilities at Viridian.”

“We really want the Audi and the ‘7 Continents in 7 Years’ trip,” Leah echoed. “That’s our dream vacation. We can’t wait to start earning the trips and car. Our main goal is to be financially secure, and to not have to rely on a 9to5 job.”