Everything has changed. And my top 5 reasons why that’s a GREAT thing!


By now you have heard the news: Viridian is now separate from and partnering with Crius – making Viridian a privately held network marketing company PARTNERING with a publicly held energy company. This is huge. For me it meant that I quit my job on Friday. Yup. I resigned as an officer of a publicly traded energy company. At nearly the exact same moment, I accepted a new job – as partner and COO of a newly formed, privately held, network marketing company.

The two jobs look and feel a lot alike – in both cases I was working to help make Viridian great, was passionate about bringing responsible energy to as many people as possible and was honored to work with strong, brilliant and passionate independent Associates who are dedicated to our mission.

And for you, the two Viridians look and feel a lot alike – in both cases we are a company offering Power With Purpose. We are dedicated to creating a path to a more sustainable world; we offer people an opportunity to build an independent business simply by helping others choose reliable, responsible energy; and we are a culture of people who love to give back and love to have a lot of fun – at events and trips all around the world.

But, even though Viridian is the same company at its core and you won’t immediately see a lot that feels different, a lot of really significant and exciting changes are made possible by today’s announcement – changes that mean a whole new day for Viridian and new opportunity for each of us. As someone who has been blessed to be with Viridian from the earliest of days, I am simply thrilled at the doors this announcement opens for us to execute on our vision and grow Viridian like never before. Here are my top 5 reasons this change is a great thing:

Number 5: We now have a founder AND a CEO.

Six-and-a-half years ago I met a young, brilliant entrepreneur with a crazy idea that he could make green energy affordable. He trusted me to help execute his vision and I jumped all in right away – working alongside and learning from Michael Fallquist. As our founder, he set the stage for what would become one of the most inspirational companies to launch in decades. He has since been less active in the day to day, as he has taken over leadership of what was our parent company, Crius Energy, but he has continued to be a guide and champion for Viridian. And as our FOUNDER, this will never change. He will always be a part of our story, cheering from the sidelines.

About three years ago, I started interacting with another CEO, this one a veteran in the network marketing space. Over the past couple of decades he has helped shape the software, compensation and strategic direction of many, many network marketing companies that have soared to great heights. Over the past year he has been an integral part of our own company. And now, this brilliant and accomplished businessman, Paul Booth, will be taking the reins as Viridian’s own CEO. I am thrilled and honored to work alongside another brilliant CEO to usher in a new chapter of Viridian.

Number 4: Viridian is a private company!

Viridian launched first as a private company and then, through a series of exciting growth milestones, became part of a vibrant family of brands owned by Crius Energy, a publicly held energy company. And although this brought with it growth and scale, it also brought with it some of the hurdles of a public company. In this new chapter, Viridian will again operate as a single, focused, exclusive, dedicated brand – with a set of private investors committed to its success and a leadership team 100% dedicated to the business of Viridian. I believe that a network marketing company should be nimble, should be quick and should be able to respond to opportunity when it arises. This move to take Viridian private will empower our leadership team to do just that.

Number 3: Viridian is a network marketing company in charge of its own destiny.

For years we have asked ourselves, “Is Viridian an energy company that markets through network marketing or is Viridian a network marketing company that offers energy products?” The answer we can give today is definitive. Viridian is a network marketing company and we are destined to be among the largest and most well-respected in the industry. Today we help people live more sustainable lifestyles through greener energy choices. In the future we will help people live more sustainable lifestyles through a number of diverse product lines – all around the world.

But, most importantly, we will rethink our customer enrollment, rethink our compliance programs, rethink our tools and technology and approach every decision by asking “How will this affect our Associates?” I am honored to be part of the team that ushers in a new era for Viridian in which we celebrate the responsibility we have to those who put their trust in us to build a world-class network marketing company.

Number 2: Expansion.

This one is simple. This new partnership means significant growth opportunity. The new Viridian is poised for growth like never before. And our leadership team is committed to expanding our opportunity as much as possible to positively impact lives.

Number 1: Viridian’s mission lives on, stronger than ever!

Like many of you, I fell in love with Viridian early on. I fell in love with the ability we had to create positive change in the world by helping people choose responsible energy. I loved the opportunity to make a difference for people at home and abroad. I loved how such a simple idea could simultaneously be so bold.

Since then my love for this company has only grown. I have witnessed the effects of Power With Purpose firsthand. I have walked through a village with fresh running water from the efforts of our team to lay pipe through miles of rainforest. I have stood on the dirt floor of a home in Nicaragua where children played in a well-lit living room at night for the first time. I have had the pleasure to return to a forest of trees planted by Viridian hands years later to see 12- and 15-foot trees alive and well in the Amazon. I have been a part of countless local cleanup events with hundreds of like-minded change agents.

And, perhaps even more significantly, I have watched as people I cared for deeply were transformed by these experiences. I have seen many of you grow: from shaking on stage in front of 20 people to training with confidence in front of thousands, from making that first scary call to leading a team of hundreds, from daring to share your “why” with someone out loud for the first time to proudly and confidently helping others find their own. I have cried with you. I have laughed with you. I have learned from you. And together we have watched with pride as people around the world are made better because of Viridian. I have fallen deeper in love with Viridian but I have also fallen in love with network marketing.

And now, we get to do it still. We get to do it again. We get to do it together with hundreds of thousands more people who will join our journey in the years to come.

Generation V, you have my commitment that in this next chapter of Viridian, I remain committed – even more so if possible – to supporting you and your businesses, to honoring your trust in us, and to carrying forward our collective mission to countless more people around the globe.

Here’s to the new world – and an exciting new future!

Your Chief Operating Officer,
Cami Boehme