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Associate Spotlight November 2011

Ted Terhune may not yet know everybody in Viridian, but he’s working on it. The Senior Director and this year’s Ampy Award winner at PowerUP! 2011 for Top Personal Customer Enroller seems to make friends wherever he goes. It’s a skill that suits him perfectly in his current—and he says “final”—career, as a Viridian Associate.

When you first meet him, Terhune offers an introduction and a firm handshake. But in subsequent meetings he’s a “hugger” by nature, and you can’t help but be enveloped by his warmth, which may be the secret to his success. “I like the company very much, and enjoy working with the people in management,” he said. “I think we’re doing a wonderful thing, making green, renewable energy available to everyone.”

Like others before him, Terhune came to Viridian through an acquaintance. At age 77, he was semi­ retired when he was approached by Sean Grillo, the nephew of one his wholesale businesses’ customers. Grillo explained this new and exciting business, and after attending an informational meeting in New Haven, CT, Terhune went all­in.

Under the tutelage of his mentor, Partner Chris Catania, Terhune has grown his business because he’s a believer. He now has 79 Associates in his organization along with 2,167 total customers, a number that continues to expand. It’s just one of the many reasons he won the Ampy for Top Personal Customer Enroller. “This job is almost like being reborn,” he said. “I’m excited to go out every day and meet nice people. Plus, it gives me a way to help the environment. Talk about a win­ win!”

His long­ range plans include expanding his business into other regions. Based in Connecticut, Terhune also has family in New York and New Jersey, so he’s developing his business in both those states as well. Expanding his business will help him fulfill his personal Why.

“My wife Kathleen and I have one main goal in our life: To be able to help all our children, and particularly our daughter Alanna, be a full time stay­-at -home mom for our two -year-­old grandson, Mason,” he said. “We also just got the great news that we are to be blessed with a granddaughter in February, so it looks like I’ll stay with Viridian a while longer!”

But, for Ted, it’s not all about the money. Beyond the money and personal satisfaction of being with a company that helps others, Terhune says there is another reason he enjoys working with Viridian. In past positions, though he has done well financially, he was dismayed to receive little or no appreciation from upper management for his work. “The recognition from Michael Fallquist and the other members of the corporate team has been overwhelming. To be complimented for doing what you like to do is a good feeling in your soul. It’s a real honor to be recognized.”

Personal satisfaction, financial stability from a sustainable income, and recognition from management for a job well done are all compelling reasons for Ted Terhune to keep going. It all adds up to one major factor that motivates him. “This is an exciting, growing business, and as a salesman you like to get those ‘yesses.’ It’s not always all about money; sometimes it’s about good feelings.”