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RFP Spotlight March 2013
While fundraising is no easy feat for most individuals, for Director Myra Burrows there is perhaps nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than helping nonprofits and houses of worship raise money.

“It’s really important because it takes the focus off of yourself; instead, you are doing something great to help other organizations and their members,” the New York Associate said. “I find that once you take that focus off of yourself and begin to help others, you feel truly fulfilled. You are helping people who do not want to have to come to you and say that they need help with their bills.”

With a heart for fundraising and a passion for nonprofits, Burrows immediately latched on to Viridian’s Residual Fundraising Program when she joined Viridian in May 2012, as the program allows nonprofits to approach friends and families and ask them to do something positive for the environment, save money on their utility bills and help a great cause.

The first nonprofit Burrows reached out to when she became an Associate was her hometown church, the Springfield Baptist Church in Beacon, New York. Burrows knew her church was in need of money, so she was extremely relieved when she learned that her participation with Viridian could help those closest to her.

“I was floored,” she exclaimed. “I realized this can really work. Before I approached my church, I signed up a couple of my friends and once I saw that it was great for everyone, I knew I had to bring the opportunity to my church.

“Once I had concrete evidence that Viridian really does save people money over time, I went to my pastor and said, ‘Listen, there is an opportunity that will help us and our members.’ Then I turned the lights off and back on again,” Burrows explained. “I said, ‘That’s our product—electricity.’ And he said, ‘I want to learn more.’”

By August, Burrows had signed up her church as an RFP Associate and as a customer and since then she has signed up four more RFP Associates. Now, the RFP component of the Viridian business is her main focus and she has made it a main driver for her team as well.

To be successful with the RFP opportunity, Burrows reminds Associates of the problems that can arise from simply signing up an RFP Associate and then leaving them alone. She encourages others to be active coaches and mentors for organizations—making sure they understand the business model, that they know how to get customers and Associates enrolled and that they know how to share Viridian’s story of incredible growth and countless possibilities.

“I am always there,” Burrows said. “I am always looking out for the program because you want them to be happy with the program and you want them to be taken care of.”

“Viridian makes me feel like I am doing something good all the way around—doing something good for the planet, my family, churches and nonprofits and the Associates I bring on board,” she shared. “It’s a wonderful situation from every angle.”