emPOWER Trip: 5 Reasons to Join Us in Cuba!

CubaEmpowerTrip4-sAfter more than 50 years of restricted travel, U.S. citizens are now able to visit the beautiful island of Cuba. As soon as we launched Travel Light, we knew we wanted to bring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Viridian Associates on our very first emPOWER trip!

Join us for a 6-day, 5-night adventure to Cuba and witness the island’s rich culture, sustainable agriculture, tropical weather and much, much more.

There will be several meaningful ways to give back and fun activities to check off your bucket list awaiting you in Cuba’s charming Old Havana. We’ve pulled together five great reasons why you should join us on the Cuba Green Revolution emPOWER trip.

  1. Sightseeing

Witness Cuba up close and personal in an Old Havana walking tour. Hit the pavement and soak up the views of the city’s traditional architecture, vintage 1950s vehicles and more. Also, you can’t miss the country’s towering mountains, green grasslands and jungles—its diverse species of plants and animals that can ONLY be found in Cuba.

  1. Giving Back to the Community

Volunteer on an organic farm and feel the rich Cuban soil slip between your fingers. This trip also includes an impactful watershed restoration activity and the opportunity to learn more about the country’s renewable and solar energy practices on one of Cuba’s most resourceful urban farms.

  1. Learning About Cuba’s Agricultural Independence

Absorb successful methods the country has been using to sustain its agricultural independence for over 50 years. Even better, voluntourists will be given the chance to apply their newfound knowledge by participating in an exciting conservation project.

  1. Experiencing Fine Cuban Art and Culture

Feast your eyes on an actual Cuban artist’s studio in Old Havana and get a taste of more great art the country has to offer at the Fine Arts Museum. The trip also offers an unprecedented opportunity to move your dancing feet and take part in an exciting salsa lesson in its country of origin.

  1. Being One of the First Tourists

Be among the first to visit the beautiful island that just is now opening its doors to U.S. tourism. How many people do you know that can say they’ve done the same? Any Associate, Travel Light member or Karma customer can book an emPOWER trip—allowing their friends and family to join them on this spectacular, service-oriented adventure with Viridian.

Are you ready to experience the culture, festivities and history of sustainability that Cuba it has to offer? Register today and put down your $1,000 deposit to secure your spot on Viridian’s very first emPOWER trip, March 30–April 4, 2017!


Check out the full itinerary here!