Ed Kenny -- Top Reasons to Attend PowerUP! 2016: Share the Inspiration


There are so many reasons to attend PowerUP! 2016 that we can’t possibly cover them all at once. As we count down to the event, we will highlight a few of the reasons why you should make every effort to be a part of the action. This week, Viridian Ambassador Ed Kenny shares his thoughts on how the year’s premier event will leave you inspired.

By hook or by crook, get to PowerUP! 2016. If you’ve never been PowerUP!, you can’t possibly understand the power of this annual Viridian convention. And if you have attended, then you already know  the value of the experience. For me—and maybe for you, too—it’s all about the inspiring stories and testimonials that are shared.

Before I attended the first PowerUP! in 2010, I wasn’t truly a believer in the industry, but the event changed that. Being with 2,000 other Viridian Associates was inspiration in and of itself. It said to me, “Wow! I’m in the right place,” and that was before the event even kicked in to gear. By the time I left, I was so fired up that I wanted to go out and grow my business to the point where I could bring the most people to the next PowerUP!—and I did, along with the rest of Team V (my two brothers and my nephew), winning the annual VLife Ampy Award. That’s how much it impacted me.

Every PowerUP! has been more exciting than the previous one, and that’s because the company continues to get bigger and better. I know our leaders work tirelessly throughout the course of the year to prepare for this event—from creating updates on the state of the business to big announcements, to new business tools and innovative promotions—but, more than anything, INSPIRATION is what I take away from it.

You need to be there LIVE

I know that, at PowerUP!, I’m going to be fed inspiration that will make me a more effective leader locally. This year I’m looking forward to our keynote speaker Eric Worre, the modern-day authority on network marketing. Once you’ve absorbed his message about the concept of network marketing as a profession, you’ll be able to sit down with anybody and share the Viridian opportunity.

If that’s not enough to get your juices flowing, the amazing testimonials you’ll hear from your fellow Associates should do the trick. You’ll end up saying, “Wow! If that person can do it, what’s stopping me?” These stories can help you get to the root cause of what’s holding you back from being a success in this industry.

You’ll hear from people who have—against all odds—gone out and done amazing things with the vehicle provided by Viridian. They’re just regular folks, but they seized the moment and made something happen. Consider, for example, a member of my team who has a stutter. Instead of allowing that to hold him back, he volunteers to get up in the front of the room. He doesn’t say, “I’m not comfortable doing that.” He wants to do it and he’s having massive success in the business. That, to me, is inspiration right there.

Hearing these stories live is the essence of PowerUP! You can’t duplicate the effect later. For the people in the room, the experience is, in a sense, almost biblical. They’re learning from their colleagues, borrowing their stories and absorbing their beliefs.

Overcome your fear of rejection

At PowerUP!, you gain passion and excitement about our products and the company you serve and, with that, a conviction about the value of sharing the opportunity. A high level of commitment to the business goes hand-in-hand with overcoming the fear of rejection that haunts many network marketers. PowerUP! will help you build belief in what you are doing; it will inspire the confidence you need to be truly effective.

Contribute to the greater good

Everyone has a different reason for joining the Viridian. Some people are in it for the people, some for the planet and some for the profit—aka “people, planet, profit.” Why you came aboard doesn’t matter at the end of the day, because any success you have feeds into the greater good. Even if you become the wealthiest person in the world from selling green energy, you’ve still done more for green than anybody else. Come to PowerUP! to fuel your drive for philanthropy, sustainability and income.

Whatever your purpose, PowerUP! will put fire in your belly and transport you to a higher plane. Everything that the company’s been working on for the past year will culminate and be delivered at PowerUP! 2016. Hearing the news straight from our leaders’ mouths will help you understand the back stories and why decisions were made. Plan to leave inspired and with a new bag of tricks to take to market!

PowerUP! is a great opportunity to learn firsthand from the pros in our industry. These professionals will fuel your drive to boost your Viridian business long after you leave Washington, D.C. This year, the focus will be on doing just that: elevating your business, your life, your purpose. Take advantage of PowerUP! 2016. Join us to be transformed and inspired like never before!

With the recent announcement of a new direction for Viridian, PowerUP! now offers the added bonus of hearing directly from our new leaders on future growth plans for the company.