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Earth Month 2016: Contribute Toward a Collective Impact


Individual choice. Collective impact.

For Generation V, these word ring especially true during the month of April. People around the world celebrate Earth Day every April 22 to raise awareness about environmental issues. But, as you know, we at Viridian believe the Earth deserves more than a single day, which is why we celebrate Earth Month during the entire month of April. Our dedicated, eco-minded Associates plan local sustainability events in all of our markets. From park cleanups to tree plantings, we do our part to make a collective impact.Donna

If you have any doubts about your event’s ability to make an impact, think again. As Director Joan Magill in Maryland says, “To the naked eye, there may not appear to be a lot of trash, but when you start working you realize how much you’ve collected and accumulated.” Imagine picking up every stray soda can, discarded cigarette and piece of trash in your local park. You could collect several bags worth of trash before you know it. What if every city set aside an afternoon to pick up trash in local parks? Every little bit counts. Every little bit adds up.

Joan has coordinated three local sustainability events and participated in many more. She’s found that local organizations are overwhelmingly helpful and willing to partner with volunteer groups such as Viridian. It’s also a way to bring together Associates and other people in the community.

While cleaning up parks and trails are popular sustainability events, some Associates get really creative. Take Partner Jeffrey Berger of Rhode Island, for instance. While he’s participated and coordinated many events throughout the years, his passion is now underwater dives. On April 23, Jeffrey and his fellow diving volunteers will head to Kings Beach in Rhode Island to remove waste from the water. For non-divers, there will also be options to clean up shallow waters by snorkeling and picking up trash along the beach.

“Participating in these events is really rewarding,” Jeffrey says. “We’re contributing to mission of the company and understanding it on a deeper level.”

JeffPartner Donna French also adds her own creative flair to her sustainability events. Whether its pine cones or a collection of seashells, Donna creates the signature Viridian “V” at each of her events. According to Donna, these cleanups not only make an impact on the local community, but they also provide team-building opportunities and build brand awareness.

If you’ve never planned a local event before, it’s easier than you think. You not only have the support from the corporate sustainability team, but also sustainability field leaders like Donna, Jeffrey and Joan.

“Sustainability events are a key part of Viridian,” Donna says. “As CSO Cami Boehme said, ‘People, planet and profit’ are what drive people to Viridian. The intersection of all three is what Generation V means. These events are a way to contribute to and live Viridian’s mission.”

This April, we want to raise the bar and get 1,000 volunteers to participate in our events both here in the United States and in Australia. Help us spread the word and make a difference in your very own neighborhood. Click here to submit an event in your community or contact the corporate team at sustainability@viridian.com. Plus, check out our Earth Month 2016 page now live on LiveViridian!