Summer is a wonderful time to catch up on some good reading. From sifting through best-sellers to scouring over a late-breaking news story, now’s the time to sit back and sink your teeth into a meaty topic.

By now, I hope all of you have taken a look at the Direct Selling News (DSN) magazine’s July issue which featured a profile piece on Viridian titled “Energized by Global Vision.” The article sheds light on our company heritage and expands upon our tale of global and local stewardship. When I received the call from the DSN reporter in June, I was thrilled to hear her say that industry watchers are so impressed with our growth that we have been dubbed an “up and comer” in network marketing.
People are taking notice of Viridian. They view us as a long-term player in the space. And so the DSN asked to profile us for its July growth club issue—a true accomplishment for Generation V.

The spread is wonderful: It’s full of pictures depicting; it expands on our mission to improve the planet, and shares powerful quotes that describe our purpose to be a sustainable energy company. Out of thousands and thousands of network marketing companies, the DSN only cameos a few dozen each year. To get that recognition is a huge milestone for our company and a testament to the success of our Associates.

One thing that really stood out during the profile process was the interviewer’s take on how unlike every other company, our culture and mission are so unique and we are setting ourselves up as a prime example for other companies to follow. Since our inception, it’s been our global initiative to become the company others look to as a role model. And that goes beyond just direct selling. It’s about showing others how to make a difference in the world leading categories with our product development and taking seriously the charge of corporate social responsibility.

We are, as the profile piece aptly puts it, energized by our global vision. We have the opportunity to capitalize on the fact that three trends—energy deregulation, sustainability and direct selling—are converging. Because of that, our direct selling niche means something much greater than moving product. For anyone who knows me, that is what means the most, the significance piece. My vision for Viridian is not to be with just a network marking company; I believe we can be the industry gold-standard. It really comes down to building a legacy company, one that we can all look back on with incredible satisfaction and pride and know that the years we invest will add value to people’s lives, the planet earth, and the global economy. Quality products that provide value and committed management create longevity, so you can be confident Viridian is here to stay.

This year’s PowerUP! theme centers on just that—Viridian’s ability to take charge and drive a sustainable future. This year’s convention will preview all the opportunity and excitement that’s to come and reinforce why we are here. After all, Viridian is not just a vehicle to move product or put extra money in people’s pockets. We are about utilizing the strength and power of personal relationships to broaden our reach across the globe.

When we look at what we are accomplishing together, we are spending our time wisely—promoting a paradigm shift that has a lasting impact and purpose. Many people will spend their whole lives wishing they could do something of significance and fill that void we experience without a passion and purpose. Our value is immeasurable; we are truly responsible for the ripple effect.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our DSN profile piece yet, be sure to click here. Share our story; it’s an impressive one to tell.