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Associate Spotlight November 2012
When New Jersey Associate Bob DeChiaro, affectionately referred to as “Bobby D,” joined Viridian in fall 2010, he had one goal in mind—to reach the critical rank of Director in just 90 days.

For DeChiaro, now a Senior Director, the road to success was paved by his “terrific, dedicated and loyal downline of Associates” and the mentoring and guidance of his upline, which includes Platinum Partner John LoPresto and Senior Director Steve Barrios.

In fact, it was Barrios who finally got DeChiaro off the fence about joining Viridian—a fence he had been on for a few months after hearing about the business opportunity from several friends via email.

“It’s all about trust and the way the message is delivered,” DeChiaro said. “Everybody tells you not to email, but I had about five guys sending me emails with the link to Viridian and I just never opened it. It wasn’t until a very good friend made a phone call to me and said, ‘Have you seen Viridian?’ He introduced me to Steve Barrios who presented it properly, and I instantly said yes.”

Since joining, DeChiaro has been pleased with the unbeatable opportunities afforded by Viridian, such as additional income, the chance to attend all of his kids’ events without worrying about work and the opportunity to join a family of incredible Associates. Moreover, DeChiaro has taken fondly to Viridian’s regional aspects.

Specifically, he appreciates the fact that most Associates are within driving distance of one other and that they can see each other at all events. The result is a “camaraderie and a bond that is tough to break,” DeChiaro said.

“The additional income is terrific, but that feeling of being part of a family that is bigger than what we are is wonderful,” he said. “We are doing something that’s making such an impact and yet we are making money at the same time. It’s almost as if I inherited a long lost family that I didn’t know about. You feel very strong bonds with the Viridian Associates; it’s not like the typical relationship with other colleagues or business associates.”

As DeChiaro looks ahead to rank advancements and increased residual incomes, he has one piece of advice to Associates looking to move up in rank: Stay plugged in.

Whether it’s attending corporate events, listening to corporate calls such as the Monday Power Call, reading the corporate newsletters and emails, attending opportunity meetings or participating in team calls, staying plugged in is of the utmost importance, he said.

And as the Senior Director looks ahead, he is setting his sights on even more prestigious ranks— hoping to become Executive Director within the next 60 days and Partner by the end of 2013, giving one of his mentors a run for his money.

“I’m a poor man’s Johnny Lo!,” DeChiaro said. “Slightly less funny than him, slightly less good looking than him and slightly less intelligent than him. But as he gets older and continues to wear out his voice, someday I got a shot at being a contender!”