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Debra Healy - January 2015: Product/Practice Spotlight

Senior Director Deb Healy has been with Viridian since 2011 but she took a hiatus while caring for her mother, who was ill. In April 2014, her mother passed away. Coming up for air a few months later, Deb decided to refocus on her business.

Several events occurred that helped catapult her success:

  • The August 29 launch of 3DOM™ in Massachusetts
  • 2014 PowerUP! in September
  • The 3DOM Rate Rush promotion, announced October 1 for National Grid Customers in Massachusetts.

Deb attended PowerUP! and came home invigorated. “I went out and started getting Customers,” she reported. After a slow first few years with Viridian, she and her team got several hundred Customers in just 1 ½ months, motivated by the 3DOM Rate Rush promotion.

She went from Lead Director to Senior Director in a matter of weeks, and now has a little over 1,000 Customers and about 100 Associates in her organization.

This is in spite of having dyslexia—but it seems Deb has never let that limit her. She has trained herself to give Viridian presentations and doesn’t consider dyslexia a stumbling block.

After many years of doing network marketing with various companies, Deb says she believes Viridian is different. “None of them have the leadership and the culture that Viridian has.”

One of her focuses has been with Residual Fundraising Program (RFP) Associates. “I saw that promoting the 3DOM plan to non-profits would be a win-win for everyone involved,” Deb says. She now works with five non-profits, three of which are actively working on their own team structures and attracting other Associates and Customers.

The announcement of National Grid’s price increase and the 3DOM Rate Rush promotion definitely helped her build her business, Deb confirms.

“The timing was right. People were wary of change, but when National Grid announced its rate increase in Massachusetts, it was easy to use the media and the 3DOM video to educate folks about affordable alternatives,” she shares. “I have a good handful of Associates who have done the exact same thing.”

Deb feels she is helping the non-profits by guiding their leaders toward making the best decisions on energy choices in various situations. The RFP allows non-profits to passively generate fundraising income, she explains, and in some cases they, their members or their clients could save on their energy bills.

She is quick to praise Viridian’s decision to introduce 3DOM™ with price assurance and a back end rebate on the fixed rate plan if the utility ends up costing less than the Viridian rate, subject to certain terms and conditions. “I love the 3DOM plans. They’re by far the best program that’s been out there,” Deb says.

“It’s the best thing in the world, Viridian,” Deb says. “I’m so blessed and excited about what the future holds.”